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Volunteer News & Events

New Opportunities, Learn to Serve, & 501 Connects

Current Volunteer Opportunities

There are several opportunities seeking volunteer needs. If you'd like to utilize your skills to helping community nonprofits, please view our volunteer opportunity descriptions or email Jan at if you want to let us know what projects most interest you.

Learn to Serve

This series of professional development workshops is designed to meet the needs of community consultants and volunteers serving nonprofits.

Thank you to those who attended our last session: Strategies for Skilled Facilitation. Stay tuned to hear about our next workshop!

Topics and materials from past events can be found in the Volunteer Lounge.

501 Connects

Thank you to everyone who attended our July 21 event! 501 Connects is is a great opportunity to connect with those working both behind the scenes and together to help make our community a better place. Check back to hear about our next event!