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2012-13 Service Corps Award Winners

Coach Award

This award is given to a coach who has been available for multiple projects and has demonstrated best practices in leadership coaching.

Rita Swenor, 2012 - Rita provided outstanding leadership coaching during her two projects with Hopelink.

Jim Pullen, 2013 - Jim took on multiple coaching assignments with 501 Commons clients. He has worked with the Laird Norton Family Foundation and ArtsEd Washington/WA Alliance for Arts Education..

John Pehrson Award

This award recognizes a member who has contributed significant time over multiple projects and has shown a willingness to go "above and beyond" in meeting the needs of our clients.

Charlotte Moss, 2012 - Charlotte took on many projects over the years. She has worked with Youthcare, CHILD, Campfire, and Eagle Wings.

Sherry Jennings, 2012 - Sherry is skilled in working with boards on policy governance which was highlighted during her project with Centerforce.

Robert Strumbeger, 2013 - Robert has worked on multiple 501 Commons cohort programs and utilized that background while serving as the lead technology consultant of 501 Commons' new cohort program Plan IT! (formerly Deep Dive).

Legacy Award

This award recognizes an exemplary project report that serves as a model for other 501 Commons projects.

Doug Durbin, 2012 - Doug took on a financial analysis and modeling project that was used by Npower and 501 Commons for integration planning.

Tom Brown and Phil Chang, 2013 - Tom and Phil complemented each other well as they worked together as consultants for a business planning project for the YWCA.

Merlin Award

The Merlin Award recognizes effective consulting and an excellent product used by a new or emerging organization.

Randy Webb, 2012 Merlin - Randy served with Clarion West to develop a compensation and position descriptions. He also worked on an HR project with Charlotte Moss for Youthcare.

Dan Bridge, 2013 Merlin - Dan provided great leadership while he served 311 hours as a pro bono interim executive director with the Austin Foundation.