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Planning Consultant Position Description

Posted Feb 08, 2013 11:25 AM

Serve as a Pro Bono Planning Consultant in the "Plan IT" Cohort Program

Time Commitment: 10-12 hours per month
Dates of Service: September through January 2016 (includes service during regular work hours)


We are seeking volunteers with diverse technology skills and a broad understanding of business technology to support nonprofits throughout the planning phase of the Plan IT technology assessment and planning program. The Plan IT program is designed for organizations with low budgets and little to no technology staff. Volunteers will work in pairs and follow a highly structured process to facilitate an assessment of an organization’s current technology systems, help identify key issues and opportunities for improvement, and assist in the development of a high-level action plan to begin to address those issues.


As a Technology Planning Consultant, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Apply your knowledge of business technology in this high-impact volunteer role
  • Learn about strategic planning and decision making processes
  • Increase an organization’s understanding of their technology needs
  • Make a difference in the nonprofit community’s ability to utilize technology to their advantage

Your involvement and general feedback of the program will help 501 Commons further develop this high impact program to improve the quality of the tech services received from our participants.

Position Responsibilities

Technology Planning Consultants will be paired with another consultant with expertise in planning and facilitation and then matched with a nonprofit organization. Volunteers will be responsible for the following:

  • Participate in a volunteer interview
  • Attend a consultant orientation and program launch
  • Facilitate a series of six meetings at their host organization’s site during mutually agreed upon dates/times
  • Share experiences at two consultant roundtable discussions
  • Based on feedback and discussions with the organization, draft a key issues report and action plan using provided templates


We are seeking volunteers with diverse business technology background. Technology Planning Consultants will have the following: 

  • Technology planning experience applicable to an organization with a small budget (less than $1,000,000) and no technology staff
  • Experience with and strong knowledge of a wide range of technological tools and applications
  • Project management, facilitation, and/or consulting skills that allows you to build trust with an organization
  • Ability to communicate well with representatives from a diverse set of organizations and people without technical skills
  • Professional and volunteer experience with nonprofits or willingness to learn about nonprofits so you can provide appropriate advice and consultation

Application Process

We are currently needing volunteers who can serve 10-12 hours per month from September through December 2016. If you are ready to serve, please apply to the service corps. For questions or more information, please contact Crystal at or 206.682.6704 x112. Thank you.