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Volunteer Your Tech & Consulting Skills

Put your technology expertise to good use

Hands on computerThe Plan IT program and 501 Talks Tech training series increase the capacity of nonprofits by helping them make greater use of technology to extend their reach, run better programs, and raise more money.

Sponsor Plan IT

Plan IT sponsors include Deloitte, Avanade, Google, Mutual of Emunclaw, and Pacific Continental Bank, as well as individual donors. If you are interested in helping nonprofits increase their capacity and productivity, contact In the past Plan IT has been sponsored by Microsoft Philanthropies in King and Pierce Counties and by the Sherwood Trust in Walla Walla County.

Use Your Tech Skills For Good

501 Commons is looking for volunteers who have a broad understanding of business technology and technology planning for small companies and organizations. Volunteers must be comfortable communicating about technology with people with a range of skill levels. Experience with nonprofits is a plus.

Volunteer for the following opportunities:

Plan IT offers a structured technology planning service to a cohort of 10-15 nonprofit organizations. Volunteer consultants will work in teams of two to help an organization assess its current use of technology and develop a plan for using technology to better deliver their mission.

For more information about being a Plan IT volunteer and information about the schedule, review these documents:

Help a Nonprofit Develop a Technology Plan

Serve as a Pro Bono Planning Consultant in the Plan IT Cohort Program

Technology is a tool to help nonprofits to increase their impact on the community. Unfortunately, many nonprofits do not have a plan for how to incorporate new technology or use the technology they have fully.

We are seeking volunteers with diverse tech skills and a broad understanding of business technology to support nonprofits. Plan IT is a 501 Commons program designed for organizations with little to no technology staff. Volunteers are matched to work in pairs with a nonprofit organization. Each pair will follow a highly structured process to facilitate an assessment of an organization's current technology, help identify key issues and opportunities for improvement, and develop an action plan for the organization to carry out in the next 12-18 months.

As a Technology Planning Consultant, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Apply your knowledge of nonprofit/business technology in this high-impact volunteer role
  • Learn about planning and consulting processes
  • Increase an organization's understanding of their technology needs
  • Make a difference in the nonprofit community's ability to utilize technology to their advantage

Volunteers will serve approximately 10-12 hours per month for approximately four months. Join us for this high-impact volunteer role.

Interested in volunteering for Plan IT? We encourage you to apply to the Service Corps and indicate your interest in the Plan IT program. For questions or more information, please view the full position description and email Jim for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

501 Talks Tech - Technology Trainer

Utilize your Tech Training Skills and Lead a Workshop for Nonprofits
Serve as a Pro Bono Technology Trainer and Support the 501 Talks Tech Series

We are also seeking volunteer trainers to increase the nonprofit sector’s effective use of technology.  Volunteers will develop and present an 80-minute training on a low-cost, easy-to-use and sustain tool or solution. Trainings are provided in-person in King County, and will soon be held via webinar for nonprofits across Washington state.

As a Technology Trainer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Apply your knowledge of a specific technology tool or application
  • Experience developing and presenting information for a variety of skill levels
  • Increase nonprofit community members’ understanding of a specific technology tool or application
  • Help organizations better achieve their mission

Volunteers are required to develop content and produce visual aids (PowerPoint, handouts, or both) to lead a 45-80 minute training with room for discussion and/or questions and answers. Volunteers will provide a brief bio and communicate the training content and goals.

501 Commons staff will be responsible for all event logistics, including publicity and communications, locating a venue, providing light refreshments, and printed materials. 501 Commons staff will also review the content and presentations that will be used by the trainer, distribute evaluations, and provide additional support as needed. If desired, 501 Commons will provide recognition of the volunteer's business in social media.

Interested? Please view the full position description and for more information, and email Jim if you have any questions.