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A Boost in Staffing Will Improve Your Volunteer Engagement Efforts

United Way's VIP Manager Corps (VMC), delivered with 501 Commons, helps local nonprofits develop and sustain effective volunteer engagement programs and practices. Participating organizations will be matched with a Volunteer Manager Corps (VMC) Member who will serve approximately 10 hours per week for 15 weeks, with 501 Commons’ support and direction.  Two more agency spots are still available, for work to begin by September 2017 and finish before year-end.  Agencies must:

  • Commit to four months
  • Develop a group volunteer project, upgrade your recruitment on United Way’s new volunteer-connecting website, and refine your volunteer tracking
  • Complete 3-5 other projects, such as designing skills-based volunteer opportunities, streamlining volunteer orientation and training, and increasing volunteer retention.

Agencies in the past two years have said:

Our volunteer was amazing!  She was quick, thorough, provided valuable input, and performed well beyond our expectations.  Participating in the VMC program has been invaluable. Because we can only dedicate one staff member to create, manage, and implement the volunteer program and because that person is also responsible for many other HR tasks, it was imperative to the success and continuation of our volunteer program that we find a way to streamline processes.  I fear that without having participated in the VMC Program our ability to manage it may have deteriorated over time.

~Dena Adkins Conley, EasterSeals

As a result of the VMC program our agency has consistent job description for ten volunteer positions instead of a variety of job description formats.  We have tools for helping staff assess the volunteer needs in their programs and develop recruiting tools to fill those needs.  We have a better understanding of how data is collected on volunteers and a plan to improve that data collection so the information will be useful to our agency.

~ Bob Conroy, Youth Eastside Services

We are so excited to have a volunteer handbook for our staff that is broken down into parts of the Volunteer Engagement. We have quick guides for recruiting, interviewing, orienting, evaluating and more. These will give all of our staff a frame of reference for how to interact with volunteers, and it will make my job a lot easier as I start recruiting volunteers for our events.

~ Claire Eisenfeld, Brain Injury Alliance of Washington

Organizations applying for summer 2017 session should:

  • Be a 501(c)(3) or fiscally sponsored organization.
  • Have at least a two-year operating history.
  • Have at least two paid staff.
  • Have an active board that meets regularly.
  • Have a minimum annual budget of $100,000.
  • Be physically location in King County.
  • Have a mission or programs related to human services (early childhood, hunger, housing and shelter, youth development, veterans, older adults, etc.). Schools and educational organizations will also be considered.
  • Provide a work space that the VIP MC member can use for at least 10 hours a week.
  • Assign a supervisor who commits to 2-3 hours per week to the program.
  • Be willing to complete the three required projects if admitted—post on the United Way website, plan a group volunteer event for central King County, and improve their volunteer tracking systems if they cannot currently record the data required.

Contact to schedule an interview by April 21, and qualify to apply by April 28.