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Current Volunteer Opportunities

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

These are the general types of ongoing volunteer opportunities we offer. Email Camille Rochester at, if you want to let us know what projects most interest you.

Advocacy -Do you have experience working on public policy issues as a community member or as a government, business, or nonprofit employee? Are you a community organizer, current or former elected official, or a lobbyist who knows how to influence public policy decisions? Expand the abilities of nonprofit staff and board members to advocate for changes in public policy and public opinion that make a difference for people and communities they serve.

Coaching - Are you a professional coach who is looking for ways to engage in the community? We are in high demand for volunteers with coaching certifications to provide leadership, executive, business, or performance coaching to the senior level leaders including Executives, Directors, Board members, and teams. Our typical coaching engagement is 15 hours over 6 months where some sessions happen in person and others over phone or video conferencing.

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility - IDEA principles and issues related to inclusion, racism and other forms of oppression are relevant to many of our consulting engagements.  We offer some resources and we encourage you to educate yourself on these issues.

Diversity and inclusion is especially for nonprofits who serve diverse populations. 501 Commons is seeking volunteers with skills and experience with diversity training, inclusive workspace culture, training on implicit bias, and anti-racism to help organizations assess themselves and make improvements.

Emergency Planning If you have emergency planning skills or experience as a first-responder, this is a great opportunity to help vulnerable communities prepare for an emergency.

Fund Development
Fundraising is essential to the success of nonprofits. Many nonprofits lack the capacity, resources, and knowledge to raise the funds they need to help them achieve their missions and sustain themselves financially. You can help by contributing your fundraising skills and experience to help boost the capacity of local nonprofits while also enhancing your own consulting skills. While the requirements of each project vary, consultants typically work in pairs and each serve approximately 10-12 hours per month over the course of 2-3 months.

General Consulting
Contribute your professional skills in finance, human resources, business, and other disciplines as a volunteer consultant with nonprofits across Washington State. We are in high demand for volunteers with strategic planning, board development, or marketing skills this season.

Our Service Corps is an on-call “pool” of professionals whom we contact when a specific project calls for their skill set. You decide if the project and timing are of interest to you. If it’s not the right time, we place you back in the pool to await the next opportunity. If you do accept, you’ll most often work with at least one other Service Corps member. Project length varies, but consultants should plan to work 6-12 hours a month for an average duration of 2-4 months.

Internal Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer to support 501 Commons' operational needs.

501 Commons needs organizational volunteers who will take on responsibilities for important aspects of our services and operations. This will allow us to limit growth in staff roles while continuing to provide helpful resources and services. The following projects, all of which can be done remotely, are available now or in the coming weeks:

  • Do you have expertise in sexual and ethnic/racial harassment and/or whistleblower protection issues? 501 Commons wants to build out a section of our Resource Directory that will help organizations implement best practices and policies that create safety for nonprofit employees and volunteers. We are working with a local expert who can help steer you and suggest resources and experts. Must be able to write clearly and succinctly for web readers.
    Time commitment: 8 hours a month for 3 months minimum.

Please contact if you are interested in any of these volunteer roles with 501 Commons. If you are staying home more, getting involved in these projects can reduce the isolation that social distancing imposes on our lives.