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Current Volunteer Opportunities

There are opportunities to volunteer with nonprofits throughout the year, but we have several coming up this Spring. Check out the volunteer opportunities below or ping Gillian Cook at, if you want to let us know what projects most interest you.

Springboard for the Arts
501 Commons is seeking experienced nonprofit consultants to volunteer for our 2018 Springboard for the Arts program. Springboard provides arts and cultural leaders with the skills, tools, and information they need to advance their organizational mission with strength, adaptability, and clarity. This is a great opportunity for nonprofit consultants to work together in an active learning program that will impact individual organizations as well as the entire nonprofit sector. The program runs from February – June 2018 and the time commitment is 10-12 hours per month (or 2-3 hours per week). This opportunity is ideal for volunteers who have at least 5 years nonprofit experience, particularly in the arts, have planning and facilitation skills, and the ability to develop a detailed and professional-quality written plan.

Fund Development
Fundraising is essential to the success of nonprofits. Many nonprofits lack the capacity, resources, and knowledge to raise the funds they need to help them achieve their missions and sustain themselves financially. You can help by contributing your fundraising skills and experience to help boost the capacity of local nonprofits while also enhancing your own consulting skills. While the requirements of each project vary, consultants typically work in pairs and each serve approximately 10-12 hours per month over the course of 3-6 months. For more information about this opportunity and how to apply, please contact Gillian Cook at

Are you a professional coach who is looking for ways to engage in the community? We are in high demand for volunteers with coaching certifications to provide leadership, executive, business, or performance coaching to the senior level leaders including Executives, Directors, Board members, and teams.Our typical coaching engagement is 15 hours over 6 months where some sessions happen in person and others over phone or video conferencing. For more information about this opportunity and how to apply, please contact Gillian Cook at

General Consulting
Contribute your professional skills in finance, human resources, business, and other disciplines as a volunteer consultant with nonprofits across Washington State. We are in high demand for volunteers with strategic planning, board development, or marketing skills this season. Our Service Corps is an on-call “pool” of professionals whom we contact when a specific project calls for their skill set. You decide if the project and timing are of interest to you. If it’s not the right time, we place you back in the pool to await the next opportunity. If you do accept, you’ll most often work with at least one other Service Corps member, plus representatives of the nonprofit you’re working with. Project length varies, but consultants should plan to work 6-12 hours a month for an average duration of 2 to 4 months. For more information, please contact Yalonda Allen-Sinde at

Emergency Planning
We’re working on a project to provide emergency planning services to residents in multi-unit low income and senior housing communities and need consultants to support this work. If you have emergency planning skills or experience as a first-responder, this is a great opportunity to help vulnerable communities prepare for an emergency. For details about these projects please contact to learn more.

Plan IT!
We are seeking volunteers with diverse tech skills and a broad understanding of business technology to serve as planning consultants in the Plan IT program. This 501 Commons cohort program is designed for organizations with low budgets and little to no technology staff. Volunteers will work in pairs with a nonprofit organization and follow a highly structured process to facilitate an assessment of their organization’s current technology systems, help identify key issues and opportunities for improvement. Volunteers will serve a minimum 10-12 hours per month from mid-September to early January. Please contact Crystal Cheairs at to learn more.

We are seeking volunteer consultants to participate in our Catalyst for Fundraising Success cohort learning program. Catalyst helps nonprofits maximize internal systems that support fundraising success by aligning board and staff around fundraising goals. Each consultant will be assigned to a local nonprofit organization to help it assess current challenges, identify key limitations, create a development plan and produce a compelling case statement for increased fundraising success. Volunteer consultants can expect to spend about 10-12 hours a month, primarily from July 2017- January 2018 with an average of two in-person meetings per month with your organization. Additionally, we provide two consultant round tables during the program to support consultants, provide assessment, and facilitate peer to peer learning and networking opportunities. To learn more please contact Catherine Nueva España,

Be a nonprofit organization’s VIP!
Volunteers are vital to helping nonprofits complete their missions. However, many do not have the capacity to effectively engage them. Help improve an organizations’ ability to recruit, engage and retain high value volunteers while broadening your own expertise and personal connections. Examples of projects include: developing recruitment or marketing plans, staff training plans, processes for identifying and articulating volunteer positions, systems for collecting feedback and much more. Volunteers can expect to spend between 15 and 30 hours per project for a 3-4 month project. If you are enthusiastic about volunteerism and have skills in human resources, volunteer management, curriculum development, marketing, evaluation, planning and/or facilitation – this is a great opportunity for you! For more information, contact Jan Burrell,

There are also some great ongoing internal volunteer opportunities:

  • Researcher and writer for 501 Commons website