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Help Nonprofits Achieve Fundraising Success!

Catalyst for Fundraising Success

501 Commons is seeking volunteer consultants to participate in its Catalyst for Fundraising Success cohort learning program. Catalyst helps nonprofits maximize internal systems that support fundraising success by aligning board and staff around fundraising goals.  Each consultant will be assigned to a local nonprofit organization to help it assess current challenges, identify key limitations, create a development plan and produce a compelling case statement for increased fundraising success. Visit our website for more program details.

Time Commitment

Catalyst runs from July 2017 – January 2018. The time commitment is 10-12 hours per month (or 2-3 hours per week) with an average of two in-person meetings per month with your organization.  Additionally, we provide two consultant round tables during the program to support consultants, provide assessment, and facilitate peer to peer learning and networking opportunities.

Volunteer with an Impact

We seek skilled consultants willing to volunteer their fund planning, facilitation and/or fundraising expertise to a nonprofit based in King County. This is a great opportunity for development consultants to work together in an active learning program that has great impact on individual organizations as well as the entire nonprofit sector.

Be a Catalyst for Change!

Please contact Kendra Demuth at for more information.

All volunteers are covered under 501 Commons' Professional Liability coverage.