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Internal Volunteer Opportunities

501 Commons needs organizational volunteers who will take on responsibilities for important aspects of our services and operations. This will allow us to limit growth in staff roles while continuing to provide helpful resources and services. The following projects, all of which can be done remotely, are available now or in the coming weeks:

  • Promote Learning Connections. Through web searches, identify trainers and organizations that are providing training, coaching, caucusing, conferences, online learning programs, and other learning opportunities for nonprofits and community activists. Contact them to encourage them to get listed so we can promote their offerings.
    Time commitment: 2 hours a week for 3 months.
    Goal: get 10 new listings each month.
  • Do you have experience with data systems? Learn more about Salesforce and assist our Data Solutions team on internal and customer projects.
    Time commitment: Negotiable.
  • Interview nonprofits that have used 501 Commons services to gather brief 150-300 word stories that illustrate the impact of our services. We will introduce you to the contact at the organization. 
    Time commitment: 8 hours a month for 3 months.
    Goal: 12 stories.
  • Do you have expertise in sexual and ethnic/racial harassment and/or whistleblower protection issues? 501 Commons wants to build out a section of our Resource Directory that will help organizations implement best practices and policies that create safety for nonprofit employees and volunteers. We are working with a local expert who can help steer you and suggest resources and experts. Must be able to write clearly and succinctly for web readers.
    Time commitment: 8 hours a month for 3 months minimum.

Please contact if you are interested in any of these volunteer roles with 501 Commons. If you are staying home more, getting involved in these projects can reduce the isolation that social distancing imposes on our lives.