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Learn to Serve & Executive Service Corps Connectr Materials

For those new to the Executive Service Corps or unable to attend the Learn to Serve professional development workshops, here are some resources from recent sessions. We look forward to hosting you at an upcoming Learn to Serve!

Service Corps Connectr: Strategic Planning – March 29, 2018

This peer-led discussion focused on strategic planning, exploring this topic from angles such as out-of-the-box techniques that have successfully worked, pitfalls that must be avoided and learned from, establishing the difference between strategy vs. strategic planning, how the “adaptive leadership” model can cultivate better outcomes, and streamlining the process for greater success.

Serving with Openness and Inclusion – November 1, 2017

As consultants, we have the pleasure and privilege of serving a diverse range of community organizations. Reflecting 501 Commons’ goal of inclusivity, we are expected to approach our assignments with openness, collaboration, flexibility, and respect for the client’s mission and culture. The diversity in perspectives and backgrounds inherent in assignments can impact the experience and effectiveness of a consultant. Presenters Yvonne Freitas McGookin and Brenetta Ward discussed unconscious bias, how it impacts our work with clients, and identified strategies to minimize bias.

Understanding Social Media as Nonprofit Consultants – September 28, 2017

Have your clients been missing an opportunity to engage their stakeholders through social media? Are you unsure yourself of how to point them in the right direction? Social media expert Katherine Cleland teaches you how nonprofits can use social media for outreach and community building. She explored the strengths and limitations of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, how to employ each to their best advantage, and how to maximize efficiency and effectiveness for daily communication and campaigns.

Strategies for Skilled Facilitation - September 8, 2016

"Skilled facilitation" is integral to many meetings and planning sessions, but what are the necessary components to facilitation and how does one go about utilizing it? Service corps member Annie Palson explores different applications of skilled facilitation to unpack how we as consultants can lead group communication to help clients better achieve their goals.