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Thank you for listing trainings, learning programs, leadership development programs, convenings, or other developmental resources on Learning Connections.  The Learning Connections Catalog helps nonprofit employees and volunteers find offerings that meet their needs.

You can list one-time sessions or "evergreen" offerings for free. An evergreen post describes something you offer on an ongoing basis and links out to your website rather than having updated dates and times on this site. It can also be a description of something you are willing to offer on demand or when enrollment is at a required level.

Simply set up an account. It is easy to do but there are detailed directions below should you need them.  As you are planning offerings, visit the site to see what others are offering and areas where there is a need for more choice.

501 Commons wants to support you in providing nonprofits with high quality learning opportunities. Contact us at if you want to talk.

Getting Started

You can manage your organization's contact information, create a listing, and update listings you have already created through the provider form.

Create Your Account button Add or Update Your Listings button

Using the form

The form saves as you click the "Next" button.

Fields with a red border are required, and you will encounter an error if you leave them blank or exceed the character limit.

When you are finished creating your listing, you can simply close the browser window with the form - everything is saved!  501 Commons staff will publish your listing after they review it for completion.

Creating a Listing

Listing description

Learning Catalog visitors search for listing by format, location, and general subject using the check-boxes on the search page.  They can also search by text for specific keywords.

In Search Tips for Learning Connections, we encourage visitors to consider how they learn best when they are deciding between different learning opportunities.  We identified some of the main approaches to learning along with keywords and phrases to seek so a visitor can assess which opportunities listed will lead to the strongest personal growth.  Refer to Approaches to Learning to see what words and phrases we recommend, and include them in your listing's description if it is designed with a specific learning approach in mind.

Similarly, for visitors particularly interested in developing leadership skills, we offer an introduction to different approaches to leadership along with associated keywords and phrases.  Refer to Approaches to Leadership and incorporate the language we suggest into your listing's description when appropriate to make sure interested visitors find your listing.

Interested in learning more about approaches to learning and leadership?  Read the Literature Review compiled by partners in the Leadership Development Project.

Subject and subject focus

While the curriculum of a listing may touch upon many different subjects, limit yourself to the top three subjects to help visitors quickly find the listing that best fits what they need.  Review all subjects and their areas of focus to help you decide what best applies to your listing.

Subsector Focus

If the content of your listing is targeted towards a particular subsector ("Strategic Planning for Arts Organizations," or "Preventing Burnout in Social Services Providers," for example), use the Subsector Focus to make it easier for people working in those subsectors to find your listing.

If your listing is generally applicable to many subsectors within nonprofits and community organizations, select "General".

Audience Focus

If your listing's content and delivery is specifically designed for and targeted to members of a particular community, you may use the Audience Focus option to highlight your offering to members of that community.

Accessibility to all communities is an important goal; however, only select Audience Focus values aside from "All Audiences" if the content in your listing is clearly designed for a specific community ("Management for Native-Led Nonprofits," or "People of Color in the Arts Affinity Group," for example).

If your listing is generally applicable to all communities, select "All audiences".

Text Formatting Options

You can use the simple markdown options below for your listing's description.


Headings are constructed by starting a line with "# ":

# This Will Be a Heading


Italics and boldface are generated by surrounding text in single or double "*" symbols, respectively:

*This text will be italic*

**This text will be bold**

*You **can** combine them*



All types of lists must be preceded by a blank line:

* Item 1
* Item 2

Sublists are also supported:

* Item1
* Item2
  * Item 2a
  * Item 2b


Lines beginning with a number instead of a * character will be rendered as ordered lists:

A numbered list:

1. Item 1
2. Item 2
3. Item 3
   1. Item 3a
   2. Item 3b


For links, place the text you want to act as the link in [brackets], followed by the URL in (parentheses). For example:

[Visit Google!](

will render as Visit Google!


Quoth the raven:

> Nevermore.

will be rendered as:

Quoth the raven: