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Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services

Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services

Nonstop delivers premium healthcare benefits to nonprofit organizations through its Nonstop Wellness program. Nonstop Wellness is a partially self-insured program that allows for improved, customized benefits and significant savings to both the employer and employee with no cost-shifting, changes to carriers, or unnecessary financial obstacles.

Washington High School Building, 1300 SE Stark Street, Suite 209
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Jody Schreffler
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About Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services

Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services is a mission-driven health insurance broker that delivers premium healthcare benefits to nonprofit organizations through its partially self-funded insurance program, Nonstop Wellness. The Nonstop Wellness program allows for greater financial control over healthcare spending for nonprofits with more than 50 members on benefits, including:
• premium savings
• elimination of employee out-of-pocket expenses
• focus on proactive wellness
• customized benefit options
In addition, Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services removes all of the financial barriers associated with partially self-funding to ensure nonprofits can access the same savings and healthcare benefits as larger organizations.

Nonstop Administration and Insurance Services has been built from the ground up around the mission of supporting nonprofit growth and sustainability. The company’s objective is to shift the paradigm so that nonprofits – and their employees – can begin to see healthcare as an asset, not a burden. Nonstop Wellness provides employers with a baseline savings of 12.5%, including platinum-level benefits and completely eliminated out-of-pocket costs for staff. For both employers and employees the direct savings, as well as improved benefits, result in a better long-term healthcare and wellness experience.


“When I first learned about Nonstop, it seemed too good to be true; however their business model and mission makes perfect sense for CHS. Through Nonstop Wellness we will be offering our employees better benefits for less money, which addresses two of our biggest concerns at CHS – keeping talented staff and reducing costs.”

Beratta Gomillion, Executive Director of Center for Human Services (Washington)

“By providing improved benefits at a much lower cost and with no out-of-pocket expenses through Nonstop Wellness, both RCH and our staff will have more opportunities to use valuable dollars in the areas where they will have the most impact. For RCH that means expanded patient access and staff development, and for employees that means more money each month for family, home and other life expenses.”

William North, CEO of Rogue Community Health (Oregon)

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