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ResultsLab is a social enterprise that works with nonprofits, communities and philanthropies to accelerate positive change by building their capacity in data use and strategic design. We uniquely equip our clients with the data mindset, skill set, and tool set necessary to be more impactful in the important work they do.

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Assessment & Evaluation

  • Assessment
  • Logic models & theory of change
  • Outcomes assessment
  • Program evaluation


About ResultsLab

All of our services follow a 3-step process – Design, Measure, Act – that will set organizations up for operational excellence and shift them towards a culture of learning that embraces data. Throughout the process, organizations will improve:
• their strategy - gaining clarity and a shared understanding of the impact they aim to achieve
• their measurement practices - collecting data that will inform which activities are contributing towards their goals
• their communication - building the tools to effectively tell their impact story and make data-informed decisions.

Our services:
• Impact Accelerator: For nonprofits that want to build their team's capacity in impact measurement. Your team will establish the right metrics and systematic processes essential to consistently strengthen and replicate your programs in ways compliance-focused evaluations never will.

• Impact Manager: An Impact Manager is a consultant from the ResultsLab team who functions as a part-time evaluator for your organization. We train, coach and support your organization’s staff in the Design-Measure-Act cycle, with the intent for your team to take on these impact management practices over time. We will work with you to structure this support to best fit your organization’s needs.

• Actionable Analytics: For nonprofits that are looking to create a customized Data Analysis & Use Plan and Toolkit. Organizations will clearly define the data needed to answer questions of program fidelity and outcomes, understand how to review the data, and build the tools for taking action on that data. They will gain the skills and practices needed to embed data use into everyday decision-making and to strengthen their impact.

Background Info.

Subsector Experience

  • Children, youth, and families
  • Community development
  • Economic development
  • Employment and training
  • Housing and homelessness
  • International NGO/ Nonprofit
  • Nonprofit sector issues
  • Philanthropy
  • Research
  • Small grassroots organizations

Cultural Experience

  • African American
  • Hispanic/Latino

Language Skills

  • Spanish

Fee Structure

  • By project

County Availability

  • All WA Counties

County Experience

  • Pierce