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Salary information for nonprofit employees in King County, Washington

Salary information for nonprofit employees in King County, Washington

You can use the search below to find salary information for 171 nonprofit jobs. The tool allows you to compare information for multiple job titles. The data is drawn from Putting People First: King County Nonprofit Wage & Benefits Report (2022).

report on nonprofit wages & benefitsThe salary data was collected between March and July 2021 from 233 nonprofits for more than 10,000 salaries. Job titles reported by fewer than five organizations were excluded for statistical reasons. The data shows the compensation for participating organizations, not what ideal compensation and benefits should be. We hope this data and the analysis and further research included in the 2022 King County Nonprofit Wage & Benefits Report will help organizations in our sector offer competitive compensation, attractive benefits packages, and equitable policies that support the sector’s dedicated employees.

We also encourage you to listen to the voices of more than 1,100 nonprofit employees who participated in the Putting People First: King County Nonprofit Employee Engagement Survey. In it, you can read how people feel about compensation, work culture, relationships with supervisors, and other factors that impact employee satisfaction.

This program receives funding from the King County Veterans, Seniors and Human Services Levy.

How to search:

  • Click the drop-down menu and chose a job title you are interested in.
  • If you want to compare jobs, add more than one job from the list below to see results side by side.
  • Job titles for the same job are not consistent across organizations, so use the job description to find the job that is the best match, rather than relying on the job title alone. Job descriptions are displayed when you select a job. Appendix A of the report also provides a list of job titles and descriptions.
  • If you are doing a more comprehensive review of salaries, go to the full wage and benefits report for more information on compensation and benefits practices in the sector, an analysis of Executive Director compensation, and complete data for each job title.
  • Data is provided as “average by employee” and “average by organization.” We recommend using the “average by employee” in most cases when available because it better reflects the employment market as a whole. For more information about the two statistics, see page 13 in the full wage and benefits report.

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