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501(c) Agencies Trust

501(c) Agencies Trust

501(c) Agencies Trust runs an unemployment program and a L&I Retro group. Both programs can save nonprofits a significant amount of money each year.

Cupertino, CA 95014-2515


Heidi Posada
Direct line: (408) 213-1142


Human Resources

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  • Workers' compensation


About 501(c) Agencies Trust

501(c) Agencies Trust provides services that allow Washington State nonprofits to save money in two unique ways.

We run an unemployment program for nonprofits. Our members are savings money by reimbursing their claims dollar-for-dollar instead of paying SUI to the State of Washington.

In addition to unemployment, we have a L&I Retro program that refunds money to our members based on safe work places and low L&I claims for the entire group. Our average refund over the last 4 years has been over 20%.

In addition to saving nonprofits money, 501c Agencies Trust provides services to help HR departments. These services include claims management, HR Hotline and extensive training opportunities.

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