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Rae Levine Consulting

Rae Levine Consulting

Rae Levine specializes in guiding and supporting nonprofits through leadership transitions. With 25+ years experience in nonprofit leadership, management, and organization development, she provides interim leadership and consulting services that enable boards and staffs to meet current challenges, strengthen organizations for the long haul, and make important shifts for a sustainable future.

Seattle, WA 98144-3304


Rae Levine
Direct line:
Cell: 206-604-1680



  • Board coaching & training
  • Board recruitment & development
  • Board roles & responsibilities
  • Board self-evaluation


  • Board meetings/retreats
  • Community meetings/hearings

Human Resources

  • Executive search & recruitment
  • Executive transition management
  • Succession planning

Interim Management

  • Interim executive director/CEO
  • Other interim

Planning & Organizational Development

  • Mission & vision development
  • Organizational development
  • Starting a nonprofit
  • Strategic planning

About Rae Levine Consulting

Rae Levine provides organization development consulting services for nonprofits, with a focus on:

LEADERSHIP TRANSITION & SUCCESSION PLANNING – The departure of a nonprofit’s executive director is an opportunity for the organization to strengthen itself and prepare to meet new challenges with imagination and enthusiasm. I enjoy helping boards of directors and staffs navigate these transitions. I offer a strong combination of leadership and management skills to guide an organization in challenging times along with extensive organization development experience to facilitate the transition process, enabling nonprofits to take advantage of the learning and strengthening opportunity.

“Rae’s performance exceeded my expectations of an interim executive director. She operated at a high level in every aspect of the job. She kept the lights on and the bills paid, streamlined administrative and financial operations, and expertly facilitated the board’s strategic priority-setting and successful permanent executive director search. She did all of this on tight timelines with enthusiasm, energy, integrity and good cheer. Rae demonstrated uncommon mastery of every function that non-profits ask of their executive directors – from high-level thinking and action, to the details of daily operations. She respected and honored our history and the work of staff and board, while shining a light on opportunities for change that our leadership transition offered.”

 -- Jon Stier, Vice President, Dispute Resolution Center of King County

INTERIM LEADERSHIP & MANAGEMENT – I have served as Interim Executive Director at The Sophia Way, Dispute Resolution Center of King County, and the Greater Maple Valley Community Center. As Interim Executive Director I ensure that the organization stays focused and on track with its mission and priorities; guide the organization through the transition with support to board, staff, and constituents; help strengthen the organization to ensure future sustainability, and assist with the board-led search and entry of the next leader. Taking interim assignments of typically 6-9 months, I tailor my activities with each organization according to its distinct transition situation and needs.

“Thanks for all you have done to help Sophia Way get back on track so it can continue the vital work of serving women who are or have experienced homelessness. You’ve been so key in improving that organization.“

 -- Neil Powers, United Way of King County

LEADERSHIP TRANSITION CONSULTING & COACHING – I assist boards of directors as they plan for future leadership succession or consider near-term options for addressing unplanned transitions. As a consultant, I help an organization navigate the transition by designing a process that fits its needs, planning in advance for leadership succession, assessing leadership needs, building capacity to strengthen the organization for its next phase, and assisting with the search for and entry of the next leader.

Background Info.

Subsector Experience

  • Arts and culture
  • Children, youth, and families
  • Community development
  • Economic development
  • Employment and training
  • Environment
  • Healthcare
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Immigrant and refugee
  • International NGOs/nonprofits
  • Senior services
  • Small grassroots organizations
  • Social services - general

Cultural Experience

  • African
  • American Indian/Alaskan Native
  • Asian/Pacific Islander
  • Hispanic/Latino

Language Skills

  • Spanish

Fee Structure

  • By project
  • Daily rate
  • Hourly rate
  • Negotiable

County Availability

  • All WA Counties

County Experience

  • King
  • Pierce
  • San Juan
  • Thurston
  • Yakima

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