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Washington Nonprofits

Washington Nonprofits

Washington Nonprofits is the state association for nonprofits, recognized by the National Council of Nonprofits. Our mission is to build a strong, collaborative network of nonprofits serving Washington communities through advocacy, education and capacity building.

Seattle, WA 98144-2009


Laura Pierce
Direct line: (855) 299-2922



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About Washington Nonprofits

As the state association for all nonprofits, Washington Nonprofits makes sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed. Washington Nonprofits delivers on our mission through three main, integrated initiatives: learning programs, public policy, and engagement. By joining together, nonprofits in Washington are strong, effective, and heard. We warmly welcome you to learn more about membership and join our association on our website:

• We are Washington’s state association, a powerful connector of people within communities, across communities, and statewide. We are a proud member of the National Council of Nonprofits.
• We are a learning organization inside and out, delivering high quality education to nonprofits while learning from them what it is going to take to improve the system in which they work. You can find upcoming learning opportunities on our event calendar:
• We connect other organizations with a mission of serving nonprofits, filling gaps and piloting new programs in ways that expands reach and innovation.
• We represent the nonprofit sector of Washington in Olympia and increase nonprofits’ influence with policymakers and philanthropy so they have a place at the table when decisions are made. Read more about our Public Policy and Advocacy work on our website:
• We are inspired by our values to be generous, connective, and transformative.

Why a state association? Everything important in our communities relies on nonprofits, from education to eldercare, from economic development to the environment. Our communities thrive when we pay attention to the delivery of human services, rights and civic engagement, and culture and the arts. They rely on nonprofits working in collaboration with other nonprofits, government agencies, the private sector, and citizens to achieve the kind of results that makes our communities healthier and more resilient.

Washington Nonprofits was founded in 2010 by a dedicated board working in partnership with philanthropy. Washington Nonprofits continues to be inspired by our belief that nonprofits represent our democracy in action as people come together to make a difference.

Together we make sure nonprofits have what they need to succeed.

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