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Consultants and other nonprofit specialists are always looking for ways nonprofits can find and understand their services. Nonprofits want a trusted source of advisory services. 501 Commons' Nonprofit Resource Directory meets these needs by being a “first-stop” for nonprofits looking for service providers ready and able to serve them.

A December 2009 study by The Giving Practice for seven Northwest funders stated that “one of the essential [nonprofit] ecosystem elements is a trusted source of information and referral to capacity-building services. None of the [WA State] community hubs we looked at had such a system...”

Thanks to start-up funding and ongoing support from our supporters, our Nonprofit Advisory Services Program and Nonprofit Resource Directory – which includes consultant referrals, best-practice materials, free, personalized help, and more – is going strong!

We also thank the many nonprofit specialists whose listing fees help sustain this program. Plus, we're honored by contributions from our Directory Networking Party sponsors and individual donors.

Are you ready to apply for a listing in the Nonprofit Resource Directory? Apply here!

To learn more about being included in the Nonprofit Resource Directory, visit the web pages in this section. You can also contact Greg Scully at

Listing Information & Application

Learn more about the Resource Directory and apply to be found there through the links below.