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Summer 2017 Directory Partner Newsletter

Newsletter for Specialists in the Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory

You're an "approved specialist" and there's a seal to prove it!

Join Fuse IQ, Jan Glick & Associates, Marketing by Marlow, NetRaising, and Sound Nonprofits by adding the Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory’s “Approved Specialist” seal to your company’s website and collateral. Like the blue “verified” checkmark found on many social media platforms that tells the public you’re legitimate, our “Approved Specialist” seal confirms your experience, affirms your dedication to providing high-quality services to the nonprofit sector, and says 501 Commons proudly recommends you.

Email to request a JPEG, PNG, EPS, or GIF version of the seal. We even have one with a transparent background. Not sure which one you’ll need for the web or print? Tell us how you plan to feature the seal and we’ll provide you what you need.

Tapping and touting fellow Resource Directory partners benefits all

When nonprofits ask you who you would recommend for services, encourage them to use the Resource Directory for vetted specialists with a wide range of expertise.

The advantage of this is two-fold: Your fellow directory partners benefit from receiving new business leads, while you benefit by becoming more knowledgeable and trustworthy in the eyes of nonprofits. And who knows? You might discover a like-minded colleague or company with whom you can collaborate on a complex project or form a broader strategic partnership.

Welcome new Resource Directory specialists!

In this newsletter, we’ll help you be “in the know” by sharing new directory specialists with a short description of what they do for the sector. We’d like to welcome the following companies and individuals who – after review and reference checks – have been added to our referral network since the last issue.

Besserman Associates – This small firm offers public affairs, governmental relations, advocacy, and fundraising services. For Karen Besserman, “advocacy” means campaign strategy and the numerous ways she effectively communicates with stakeholders on behalf of her clients. Karen’s fundraising skills and services are also diverse, ranging from strategy to grantwriting to event planning and more.

City University of Seattle - Sanford Institute of Philanthropy – City University of Seattle brings two offerings to our sector: a Master of Arts in Leadership with a Nonprofit Emphasis and the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy. The latter currently includes individual, low-cost fundraising trainings and will become a “fundraising academy” in late 2017.

Cohen Consulting & Evaluation, LLC – Carolyn Cohen works collaboratively with clients through approaches such as Evaluation Learning Circles and Appreciative Inquiry to build evaluation capacity, apply findings to strategic decision-making, and inform social change. Carolyn also specializes in producing “Learning Briefs” that succinctly document outcomes and lessons learned.

Fleur Larsen Facilitation – Fleur Larsen’s areas of expertise are equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion, team building, emotional intelligence, experiential education, and community development. Through board retreats, staff trainings, and off-site workshops, Fleur supports people by creating the conditions for them to do purposeful work based on individual and organizational values.

Integrated Facility Management Consulting LLC – Owning a building means maintenance, which can be a costly endeavor. However, Tony Kaufmann takes a “contemporary approach” that – when done strategically, proactively, and sustainably – results in reduced costs, energy savings, a lower carbon footprint, empowered staff, improved safety, reduced risk, and reliable building systems.

International Community Development and Counseling Psychology at Northwest University – This Kirkland-based school offers nonprofit professionals advanced degrees in International Community Development (ICD) and Counseling Psychology. The ICD Master’s Degree can even be taken online. All students engage in internships with a multicultural focus and learn from skilled practitioners.

McRea Consulting – For groups with budgets from $0 - $1.5 million, Kris McRea brings her blend of nonprofit start-up and fundraising expertise to people and organizations in the early stages of organizational development. Her knowledge and consulting skills – be it executive advising or board facilitation – translates well to nonprofit leaders and boards alike.

Sector news: What’s on our radar?

Important changes and conversations are happening right now in the nonprofit sector. Here are some we’re tracking.

  • In July, the WA State legislature passed the Washington Family Leave Act (FLA), which provides eligible workers up to 12 weeks of paid, protected leave for the birth or adoption of a child or for leave when the employee or a family member – including registered domestic partners – faces a serious health condition. We will be hosting a free webinar with Washington Nonprofits on Nov. 1 at noon that goes over what nonprofits need to know prior to January 2018.
  • The Department of Labor (DOL) is now soliciting input from the public about updating overtime rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). New regulations proposed by the Obama administration were supposed to go into effect on Dec. 1, 2016 but were blocked by a federal judge in Texas. The public – including nonprofits – have until Sept. 25, 2017 to express opinions on the Trump administration’s revised rules, including salary thresholds.
  • Many of you are in position to help nonprofits work more effectively through coalitions. Washington Nonprofits (WN) has a list of nonprofit coalitions on their website. Let WN know if you know of any that are missing and guide your clients toward a relevant coalition if they are not aware of the opportunity to work in partnership with like-minded organizations.
  • From now until Oct. 23, Independent Sector will be sharing some change-maker stories in a blog focused on their conference Our Common Future.
  • Stay in the loop on issues facing the nonprofit sector by subscribing to Washington Nonprofits’ e-newsletter and alerts and the National Council of Nonprofits’ e-newsletter.

Encourage your clients to learn about their rights as advocates

Since last year’s presidential election, many nonprofits – especially those that serve immigrant and refugee communities – saw a spike in donations out of concern for the new administration’s possible stances toward these groups. As we go into the federal budget, the nonprofit sector remains attentive to how changes in public policy will affect funding for social services and the rights of vulnerable populations.

We are encouraging organizations and their boards to become actively involved in advocacy and we are offering trainings and resources for effective advocacy. The Board Advocacy training we offered in May will be repeated next year, but we can also go into organizations and offer trainings to their boards.

On Oct. 31, we are collaborating with Win/Win Network and the Alliance for Justice to produce an all-day workshop in two parts. In the morning attend Worry-Free Lobbying and Nonpartisan Advocacy. The afternoon session includes Stronger Together: Coalitions and Affiliated 501(c)(3)s and 501(c)(4)s Organizations, followed by an interactive session, Nonprofit Advocacy in Action. Please encourage your clients (of all sizes) to register for this important session that is more relevant than ever, so that they and you can be fully informed about the rules nonprofits must follow when doing advocacy.

AFJ makes it clear the rules should not stand in the way of policymakers and budget writers hearing from nonprofits. Only 33 percent of nonprofits report that board members are actively engaged in advocating for their mission. What would public policy at the local, state, and federal levels look like if we doubled that number?

Serve nonprofits by joining the Executive Service Corps

You already serve our sector through your business or organization, but have you considered the benefits of working with a nonprofit in a high-impact volunteer role? More than a dozen of the 530+ seasoned professionals in our Executive Service Corps (ESC) are also Resource Directory partners.

What do service corps members do? Our service corps members serve as consultants, coaches, facilitators, trainers, and advisors for nonprofits of diverse missions, sizes, and populations. Many members work with nonprofit teams in our five action learning programs (Catalyst, HR Toolkit, Volunteer Manager Corps, Plan IT, and Springboard).

Projects are structured to require about 6-12 hours a month but may be as small as a retreat facilitation or a training. 501 Commons actively manages all engagements and often matches consultants with another service corps member, since members report they have more fun when they can do their work with a partner.

What are the backgrounds of service corps members? All service corps members have nonprofit experience. About 30 percent of our volunteers have substantive professional experience in the nonprofit sector. The rest bring valuable business and government experience.

Please apply to join the ESC and refer colleagues and friends who would like to use their expertise and talent to provide low-cost consulting and coaching to nonprofits. We particularly need people who have skills in these areas:

  • Fund development: Professional or extensive volunteer experience with individual giving, fundraising communications, or capital campaigns for projects.
  • Board development: A good understanding of board best practices– through extensive board experience or nonprofit leadership roles.
  • Human resources: SHRM certification or senior human resources management experience. Projects include compensation studies, personnel policies, employee manuals, recruitment, and talent management. The majority of nonprofits do not have an HR professional on staff – a volunteer can make a ton of difference and reduce organizational risks.

Quick Hits

Thank you for partying with us

We’d like to thank everyone who came to our 6th annual Directory Networking Party in May. If you weren’t able to attend, check out these photos on our Facebook page. Special appreciation goes out to our generous sponsors: Beneficial State BankFoster Pepper PLLCFox & CompanyNon Profit Insurance ProgramPacific Continental Bank, and Third Sector Company.

Interested in a consultants coffee group?

Kris McRea, who recently joined the Resource Directory, is talking with other nonprofit consultants about starting a Consultants Coffee group. The gathering would be a regularly scheduled chance to network, provide peer support, and discuss pertinent topics. It may also start as soon as late September, so click here to let Kris know if you’re interested.

Encourage your clients to apply for Plan IT

We are now recruiting organizations to join Plan IT, our technology planning program that begins this fall. We are not sure whether we'll be able to offer this high-value program next year, so please encourage all the organizations you know that need a technology plan to apply today.

BoardSource's Leadership Forum ignites leaders to change the world

The 2017 BoardSource Leadership Forum from October 18-20, 2017 at the Washington State Convention Center will bring together 800+ board members, executives, consultants, and staff to discuss the newest thinking and best practices in nonprofit governance.

Come away inspired by an impressive array of plenary sessions, workshops, presentations, discussions, and networking opportunities. Do not miss this rare chance to attend this conference right here in the Pacific Northwest!

Got trainings? We can promote 'em

Does your organization offer trainings – like individual classes or workshops – or other kinds of learning opportunities geared for and open to nonprofit professionals across Washington State? Promoting them in our popular Featured Training & Networking Events calendar is one of the benefits you receive from being in the Resource Directory. Email your events to Plus, add his email address to your “trainings promotion list” as another way to help us know what’s coming up and how we can better support you.

Note that we also promote learning opportunities through our social media channels and e-newsletters. So retweet or “like” our posts to help us spread the word!

Expand your "wheelhouse"

Do clients or attendees sometimes ask you questions about matters that are “outside your wheelhouse?” Encourage them to visit the Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory to access:

  • Tools & best practices – thousands of pages of content covering nearly 30 areas
  • “Best of the Web” links websites we've found to be helpful
  • Venues map affordable or free WA State locations for meetings, retreats, and events
  • Training & networking events extensive calendar of learning opportunities
  • Nonprofit listservthe place to crowdsource for information, post a job, and more

Be a “connector” by directing nonprofits to 501 Commons’ Information & Referral Program, especially the Resource Directory. Of course, you too can take advantage of these staffed and online resources.

New fees on the horizon

The Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory launched six and a half years ago, and the fees to be found there – and be promoted in other ways – have stayed the same ever since. Effective Sept. 1, 2017, the annual fee will go up $20 for newly listed specialists and at renewal time for those currently there.

Last year, our website saw more than 113,000 visits and 75,000+ unique users. When you include the hundreds more who contact us directly, being in the Resource Directory is a smart business decision! We greatly appreciate you choosing to partner with 501 Commons.