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Economic Change and COVID Resources for Nonprofits

We have created this list of resources for nonprofit leaders trying to navigate this new and ever-changing reality. Given that so much information is being created, our intention is to curate this lists to present you with the best and most frequently updated sources.

We will be updating this page regularly as the situation changes and/or new resources are discovered.                  Please send your suggestions for inclusion to

(Last updated 07/19/21)


These state associations are leading the charge with federal, state, and local governments to advocate for support for the nonprofit sector.  We rely on them to be our voice. Please join your state association!

Business Continuity


Communications & Development

Economic Resources for Individuals

Finance, Funding, & CARES Act Programs


Human Resources

Leadership & Governance

Legal Resources

Remote Work & Virtual Service Delivery

Return to Workplace

Volunteer Engagement

Webinars Hosted by 501 Commons

Virtual Bookkeeping Solutions for Nonprofits

In this hour-long webinar, we’ll discuss solutions to help your organization’s bookkeeping more virtual to make it easy for you, your staff and your board to work from anywhere. The major topics we’ll cover include:

  • QuickBooks Online
    • What should you know about transitioning from QuickBooks Desktop to Online?
    • What major differences should you expect between the two platforms?
    • What does the actual transition process to QuickBooks Online look like?
  • Accounts Payable and Reimbursements
    • We’ll discuss multiple options that allow you to pay vendors entirely remotely.
    • We’ll show you options to capture receipts and reimburse employees or for your organizational credit cards.

Managing and Supporting Remote Workers

From remote work, remote team management and staffing changes, nonprofits are having to adapt to COVID-19 and the myriad of impacts the virus. This webinar will include a discussion of practices for managing and leading remote teams, especially for organizations accustomed to an office culture. We’ll also cover practices and recommendations for organizations having to make difficult staffing decisions in the face of financial uncertainty.

Preparing for Remote Work

What your org can do immediately to get set up remotely, longer term resources that ultimately leave you more resilient & Q&A with Experts.