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Virtual Accounts Payable Solutions for Nonprofits

There are many options for paying your organization’s bills without hand-signing checks.

Things you’ll want to consider when choosing solutions for your organization include: cost, internal controls, integration with your bookkeeping program, security, approval processes, and fraud risk.

Accounts Payable

Deluxe eChecks | Credit Cards | Direct Deposit Vendor Payments through QuickBooks | ACH (Automatic Clearing House) | | Online Bill Pay

Deluxe Payment Exchange (eChecks)

  • Deluxe Payment Exchange are electronic checks that are delivered and retrieved by the recipient via email rather than in a printed form through the mail.
  • No additional software is required to retrieve and print the Deluxe eCheck, and it can be deposited remotely or at the bank just like a normal paper check.
  • Prices range depending on the number of checks needed; see here for information on pricing. There is no monthly subscription.
  • For QuickBooks users (both Online and Desktop), Deluxe eChecks have a free add-on that allows your bookkeeper to continue their normal processing of accounts payable in QuickBooks. For more information on the add-on, please go to the Deluxe eChecks website here.
  • More questions? See the list of FAQs on the Deluxe website: eChecks/faq

Credit Cards

  • Credit cards are an option for organizations, especially for routine or automated bills. In comparison to debit cards, where funds come directly from a checking account, credit cards allow for more time to review and dispute transactions.
  • For most credit cards, organizations can have a master account, with additional cards assigned to individual employees as needed.
  • For all cards, limits can be set to minimize the potential for fraudulent spending.
  • Often banks offer credit card services and the accounts can be linked making for easier payments.
  • Check with your bank for options.

Direct Deposit Vendor Payments through QuickBooks

  • For clients that already have a payroll subscription, 1099 vendors can be paid by direct deposit in both QuickBooks Desktop and Online; contact Intuit for fees as costs vary with payroll subscription level.
  • For more information on the process of setting up vendors for direct deposit payments, see this article from QuickBooks Help.

ACH (Automatic Clearing House)

  • ACH is a network that coordinates automatic payments without using paper checks, wire transfers, credit cards or cash.
  • ACH can be set up for receiving and sending payments.
  • Organizations can set access and permission levels for employees, which allows for checks and balances.
  • This article from the Balance explains this electronic payment and money transfer system.
  • Check with your bank about setting up ACH transactions.

  • is a virtual accounts payable process, which allows organizations to pay vendors electronically with ACH payments, and via paper checks printed and mailed by
  • integrates with both QuickBooks Online and Desktop.
  • This is a subscription service; aside from the “Essentials” level, the other levels integrate with most accounting software.
  • For more information on go to their website here.

Online Bill Pay

  • Most banks allow organizations to pay their bills via online bill pay, a similar process for small businesses as for individuals.
  • These systems typically do not allow for segregation of duties; the same person sets up and approves the payment.
  • Check with your bank to see if the bank has additional levels of access to set permissions for different users.