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Resources for Returning to the Workplace

501 Commons and Washington Nonprofits are teaming up to provide guidance and resources on “Returning to the Workplace.” This resources will expand and be updated regularly to help you determine and implement your workplace safety policies & practices for your organization. Please check back regularly for updates.

Your Legal Obligation to Provide a Safe Workplace

Now is the time to think about our legal requirements as employers and our moral responsibilities to our employees, volunteers, and community members. Here are some articles/tools to help you get started:

Download the free documents below that were created or curated by 501 Commons that provide guidance on crafting return-to-the-workplace policies and practices. Please bookmark this page since it will be updated frequently.
If you have a policy, forms, or a practice you would like to share, please contact Sharing resources will help us evolve our practices and lessen the load of doing this unique work.

Need more support?

The 501 Commons Human Resources program is available to provide consulting on compliance with workplace standards throughout the Pacific Northwest or in other states.
If you need quick advice or a question answered, you can get professional guidance Through our Quick Consults program for $25 per 15-minute increment up to two hours. We will attempt to respond to you within 72 hours.