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Affordable Tools for Nonprofit Success

Nonprofits know how helpful technology can be. The challenge is taking advantage of affordable resources  and tools that won't break your budget. Check out our past Talks Tech presentations on video, Google AdGrants, and using a design thinking to ensure that you get the results you want from any project.

Note: any contact information in presentations may be out-of-date. Contact for more information.

501 Tech Talks

Measurement for Impact: Google Analytics for Nonprofits


Video Strategies that Boost Fundraising

Tools mentioned include dSLR camera microphone, lapel microphone for iPhone, and Biteable (example of video using Biteable). More resources in the slides.


Video Storytelling for Impact

Resources include: A handout for mapping out your video and the follow product suggestions-


Lavalier Mics:Cheapest (USB to iphone adapter), MidRangeHigher End


Maximizing Google AdGrants

Resources include: Adwords Express, Google Grants and AdWords for Non-Profits (what you need to know), and Big Changes for Google’s Ad Grants Program in 2018: What This Means for Your Nonprofit. More resources below.

Google AdWords for Nonprofits


Agile Project Management for Nonprofits Agile Fundamentals Handout

Google Adwords for Nonprofits


Project Scheduling for Successful Outcomes

Project Charter Template

Storytelling using Data


Google Business Listings for Nonprofits

Additional Resources

Social Source Commons - an open wiki for nonprofits to share tool recommendations with each other.

100 Online Tools for Nonprofits - an extensive list of tech tools curated by Wild Apricot, a membership and website service.

5 Collaboration Tools to Enhance Productivity - a tool round-up by Socialbrite, a social media for nonprofits blog.

Google AdWords tip sheet - A step-by-step how-to list of starting your Google AdWords campaign.

Advanced Google Adwords for Nonprofits - Keys to better results for advanced users of Google AdWords.

Google Grants and AdWords for Non-Profits - What you need to know about Google Grants and AdWords for your nonprofit's marketing efforts.

Nonprofits welcome free version of Office 365 - If your organization is looking for a way to make better use of time and help eliminate tech emergencies, we encourage you to take a look at Office 365 for Nonprofits.

Ten Reasons to say YES! to Microsoft’s Free Offer of Office 365 - Learn how using Microsoft Office 365 can help your organization do more with available staff and resources.