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Collaboration & Organizational Tools

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501 Tech Talks

Enter the Intranet: What Confluence Can Do For Your Nonprofit

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Social Network Analysis: Mapping Your Nonprofit's Connections

Know Thyself: SharePoint Adoption for Nonprofits

SharePoint for Nonprofits: An Introduction

Office 365 for Nonprofits

Making Good Technology Choices

Conquer Your Inbox: Tips & Tricks for Managing Email

Prevent Online Communication Overload

Additional Resources

Ten Reasons to say Yes! to Microsoft's free offer of Office 365

The Avoiding Communication Overload [PDF] worksheet helps you:

  • Identify sources of distractions and actions to address them
  • Prioritize your work in  terms of importance and urgency
  • Set goals based on your priorities
  • Establish a routine

Project Management for Non-Profits [PDF]