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Collaboration & Organizational Tools

Whether you're working on a small project or if you need your entire organization to be on the same page, there are plenty of accessible and affordable tools for nonprofits out there! Check out some of our past presentations on organization and project management tools.

Note: contact information on presentation slides may be out-of-date. Contact for more information.

501 Tech Talks

Project Management for Nonprofits


Microsoft Teams for Nonprofits

Enter the Intranet: What Confluence Can Do For Your Nonprofit

Want to learn more?  Watch a recording of this presentation.

Social Network Analysis: Mapping Your Nonprofit's Connections

Know Thyself: SharePoint Adoption for Nonprofits

SharePoint for Nonprofits: An Introduction


Office 365 for Nonprofits

Making Good Technology Choices



Prevent Online Communication Overload

Additional Resources

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Project Management for Non-Profits [PDF]