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Social Media Audit

Social media is becoming more and more prevalent, and its use within the nonprofit sector is widespread.

In fact, recent studies have indicated that top nonprofit organizations currently out pace the top for-profit businesses in the use of social media. It is natural, then, that emphasis is increasingly placed on ensuring social media efforts are strategic, deliberate, and that they fit within the structure of a comprehensive communications plan. But because these technologies are relatively new, the benchmarks for success are not as obvious as with many other tried and true forms of communication. It can often be difficult to tell if your organization is on the right track.

If you’re looking for ways to be more strategic in your social media efforts then you have come to the right place. Originally created through a partnership between Microsoft and NPower Northwest*, 501 Commons is happy to continue to provide the Social Media Audit free of charge to any nonprofit organization that is looking to improve their online communication strategy and use of social media tools.

Click here to download the Social Media Communications Audit (PDF)

*The methodology and framework contained in these documents is based largely on resources developed by Julia Coffman for the Communications Consortium Media Center for the purposes of a traditional communications audit. The majority of the information is their property and our focus has been to update the content and modify the material for use related specifically to social media. This tool can be freely used and modified to meet your needs as you see fit, however we ask that the tool be shared freely and not re-purposed for sale as a product on its own.