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Ten Reasons to say YES! to Microsoft’s Free Offer of Office 365

How Microsoft's Office 365 can make life easier at your nonprofit.
  1. Office 365 is a new way of providing Microsoft’s Office software and services over the Internet through a subscription plan they make FREE to eligible nonprofits. Orgs with additional needs also have the option of deeply discounted premium plans.
  2. When you convert to Office 365 you can access all of the Office programs on the web, which means you can access your email and open files from any computer, even if the computer does not have Office installed.
  3. Depending on which Office 365 plan you choose (there are four plan options for nonprofits), you may also get desktop versions of the Office software included so you wouldn’t need to purchase software upgrades.  This includes the familiar Outlook, Word, Excel, Publisher, InfoPath, PowerPoint, and Access applications.
  4. SharePoint Online is also included, providing a powerful platform for sharing and editing documents, and a myriad of other capabilities.
  5. You can use OneNote Online for free too. OneNote boosts your productivity by giving you an efficient way to keep notes, to-do lists, and catalog frequently used information.
  6. Exchange Online web-hosted email is included in the Office 365 package, so you no longer have to host Exchange on your onsite server.
  7. Given the option of storing files securely in the cloud, moving to O365 may even eliminate or reduce your need for a server, saving thousands of dollars.
  8. Office 365 includes Teams (previously Skype) which allows you to hold free conference calls, screen sharing, and HD video meetings.
  9. Using Teams (previously Skype)’s Instant Messaging makes it easy to coordinate with coworkers and “presence” monitoring allows you to see if a coworker is available, in a meeting, or away from their desk, making internal collaboration much more efficient.
  10. If you need outside help to migrate to Office 365 the cost is generally only $750-$4,000 depending on your size and needs.  This cost is easily made up in savings on future technology expenses and productivity gains using the O365 tools.

Contact if you want more information or help transitioning your organization to Office 365.