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Volunteer Management Guide

The Volunteer Management Guide is sponsored by United Way of King County
Looking for helpful tools to boost your nonprofit’s use and management of volunteers?

501 Commons has compiled a list of best practices in volunteer management to help you engage the people who serve your mission. You will also find other important materials such as sample volunteer handbooks, job descriptions, surveys, training manuals, flow charts, and information to help you assess your needs.

Volunteer Management Workshops

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*The low registration fees are made possible thanks to generous funding from United Way of King County.

Further Reading

Check out 501 Commons' Volunteer Management Guide for a general overview of volunteer engagement. The following resources may be of value to you as well:

Volunteer Management Assistance

Do you have a question related to effectively engaging volunteers that you cannot find an answer to? Or a great resource you think we should include in this guide? Please send us your feedback! We would love to hear from you.

Need one on one support? Schedule a quick consult or revitalize your volunteer program with Volunteer Navigator! Interested organizations receive one-on-one expert level coaching which can include an assessment of your volunteer program, personalized recommendations, and hands-on consulting to realize tangible improvements.

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Virtual Volunteering

Many volunteers appreciate virtual volunteering options: