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Skills-Based Volunteering

All volunteers bring skills to an organization, but some volunteers bring experience, credentials, or specific skills that are not available in the general population. The following presentation and handouts are designed to help your organization think strategically about using highly skilled volunteers and to design volunteer opportunities that will be successful for both your agency and the volunteer.

For Nonprofits: Engaging Skills-Based Volunteers

501 Commons Executive Director Nancy Long made this presentation at a training for nonprofits sponsored by the United Way of Kitsap County:

There is also this recorded one-hour webinar on engaging skilled volunteers.

Need help creating volunteer descriptions for skilled volunteer?  Check out this list of position descriptions:

For Corporations: Aligning Corporate Goals, Community Needs, and Professional Volunteering

501 Commons Executive Director Nancy Long and Erika Tucci of Tacoma Public Utilities delivered this presentation at the  Philanthropy Northwest Conference on September 15, 2009. Encouraging employees to use their skills to help nonprofits is a well-known way to give "beyond the check," but many companies struggle with how to make this happen. How can companies' partner with nonprofits and volunteer broker organizations to meet corporate goals, address real community needs, and provide learning opportunities to employees? This presentation describes two approaches to making skills-based volunteerism work.

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