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Nonprofit consulting, nonprofit HR services, coaching, bookkeeping, technology for nonprofits

Accessing Services

501 Commons provides 30+ consulting and support services to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes and subsectors. (Check out our clients.) We serve nonprofits, educational organizations, and government agencies. While we are located in Seattle, Washington, many of our services are available to organizations anywhere in the United States.

Fill out our Request for Assistance Form or send an email to describing what you need.

  • Consulting and "back-office" services include: Technology, data systems, finance, management consulting, human resources, leadership development, and more. Use the Request for Assistance Form to let us know how we can help.
  • Information and referral services are FREE: Use the Request for Assistance form to tell us if you need general guidance on a nonprofit topic or a referral to a recommended service provider.

Quick Consults

Have a technical question or specific problem you need to resolve quickly?

You can get professional guidance for $25 per 15-minute increment up to two hours. We will attempt to respond to you within 72 hours.

Accessible and Affordable Services

Back-office support

You can focus on your mission and let us handle the technical and administrative details by providing you with just the amount of IT support, database administration, finance, payroll, and human resources you need. How great is that?

Projects & Consulting

For project or consulting needs, you can contract with us for a wide range of technology and management consulting needs. Want to ditch your mash-up of databases? Need an emergency plan? Set your sights on developing a social enterprise to bring in revenue?

Many services are made more affordable because of the involvement of pro bono consultants and support from our philanthropic partners.

Training & Convenings

We also offer peer-learning opportunities and training for executives, staff, and board members. Find trainings provided by 501 Commons or others on Learning Connections.

To learn more about how we work with nonprofits, visit the "Our Process" page. If you do not see what you are looking for, never fear. Soup to nuts...likely we can meet your needs or refer you to someone who can. Just fill out the Request for Assistance Form.

Featured Programs

Responding to COVID and the economic downturn

It is a tough time to be hiring. If you need HR, finance, database, or technology support, become a 501 Commons partner! You pay for just the level ongoing support you need, including access to specialized expertise. And you never have to hire for these positions again!

Featured Programs

Data Solutions

Facts matter.  When you are making your case to a donor, encouraging your top job applicant to say yes, or giving staff the tools to deliver high-impact programs, facts matter.  We can help you get your facts straight, secure information about volunteers, donors, and clients, and tell more powerful stories. Contact us for ongoing services or projects like selecting a database, migrating to the new one, or improving what you have.  Request information and Kerry Morrison will be in touch.


All the details. Managed by a pro. Nearly 100 organizations have put their financials in hands of a 501 Commons accountant. Contact for more information about our Financial Services can improve your financial systems...and may even save you money.

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Management Consulting

Whether you need board development, strategic planning, communications help or any other consulting service, we can provide you with expert - and affordable - consultants.

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Technology Services

We can develop and maintain your technology infrastructure, intranet, board portal, and database.  Having the right technology makes staff more productive and protects your data.

Meet Your Tech Needs

Human Resources Services

Become an HR Partner. We provide the expertise, delivered with a focus on your IDEA goals, to support your staff and ensure you comply with rapidly changing legal requirements. In addition to ongoing services we provide HR consulting on compensation, personnel policies, and more. We also offer coaching services.

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Financial Services

We will help you manage your money while you manage your mission. We can do payroll, 990's and ongoing bookkeeping services. We also provide training for staff and boards and set up your financial systems and policies.

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Leadership Development

Affordable convenings, learning opportunities, coaches, and executive advisors are available to provide nonprofit leaders with the support they need to lead effectively.

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501 Commons' Events & Training Opportunities

501 Commons offers events and trainings designed to meet the needs of nonprofit professionals.

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