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Nearly1,700 nonprofits in Washington fundraise on the WA Gives platform and participate in GiveBIG

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Washington Gives is a fundraising platform that hosts two annual events: GiveBIG and Giving Tuesday. During the GiveBIG statewide fundraising campaign, individuals and organizations come together across Washington to invest in our community. When we give, we take a proactive step towards creating the society we want to live in.

Every spring, the excitement for GiveBIG builds through grassroots-based word-of-mouth, social media, an extensive multimedia promotional campaign, and local celebrities and sports teams firing up the community to show their generosity. This year's GiveBIG campaign kicked off April 20, and culminated with 48 hour giving event on May 4-5!
In 2021, online donations combined with donor-advised funds (DAF) and IRA contributions, matching donations from individuals and companies, and in-kind contributions from local media companies totaled $17.4 million!
GiveBIG was started by the Seattle Foundation in 2011 and transferred to 501 Commons in 2018.

How can I participate in the campaign?

  • Nonprofits: Register for GiveBIG to access the platform, trainings, and the resources you need to make your campaign a success. Learn more about fundraising on Washington Gives.
  • Individuals: Besides donating to a nonprofit you already support, there are many ways to not only give but spread the word! Ways to give.
  • Businesses: Demonstrate your company's values to your employees and your customers by participating in GiveBIG Washington and GivingTuesday. Opportunities for employers.
  • Sponsors: GiveBIG isn't possible without the support of our sponsors. The program still has lots of room to grow! Sponsor GiveBIG.
  • Media Partners: GiveBIG, like any fundraising event, thrives on word of mouth. To learn more about becoming a media partner, contact Kajsa Puckett at or (206) 443-0445 ext. 112.


Invest in Your Organization's Success

Learn more and get ready to register ahead of GivingTuesday!

GiveBIG can be a powerful tool to help nonprofits identify new donors and deepen engagement with current supporters. In 2021, 20% of the donations organizations received were from first-time donors. We can increase that number by broadening the reach of the overall promotional campaign and by engaging people who are passionate about nonprofits to reach out to first-time givers.

Free Nonprofit Fundraising Assistance

501 Commons provides guides, tool kits, and training to support participating nonprofits, Nonprofits encourage their supporters to create effective peer-to-peer campaigns, use GiveBIG to identify new donors, and leverage matching funds to increase donations.

Not a fundraising expert? Nonprofits that have registered to participate in GiveBIG receive the Fundraising Accelerator newsletter right to their inbox every two weeks leading up to the campaign with actionable next-steps and links to resources and tools for your preparations for GiveBIG.

Stay in the Loop

Don't miss out on timely GiveBIG updates and information about fundraising training. Even if you are not yet registered for GiveBIG, subscribing to our newsletter will keep you informed and ready for GivingTuesday 2021 and GiveBIG 2022!


Thank you to the GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council

Council members champion the day of giving, raising awareness of GiveBIG within the nonprofit community. The Council advises 501 Commons and its partners in areas such as promotional strategies, fundraising training, sponsorship and more.

2020 GiveBIG Nonprofit Advisory Council Members

If you are interested in serving for the 2021-23 campaign, click below to learn more and apply!