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Page Ahead - Giving Kids in Need the Chance to Read

Page Ahead supports children's literacy by distributing books to at-risk youth through collaborations with schools, social service agencies, preschools, and early childhood centers across the state of Washington.

Because literacy is a critical factor in helping fight poverty, Page Ahead helps children succeed by sponsoring book drives and encouraging parents to read to their kids. Over the last two decades, Page Ahead has gone from a small program in King County to a leading provider of children‘s literacy services in Washington State.

501 Commons has a long history with Page Ahead, having planned the geographic expansion of their program and supported their board of directors’ transition to a Policy Governance® model. Now Page Ahead employs a 501 Commons bookkeeper who helps with reconciliations, the preparation of monthly financial reports, and a general inspection of their accounts.

“One of the advantages of retaining a bookkeeper through 501 Commons has been the ability to analyze current practices with someone who has advanced knowledge and experience in nonprofit accounting. I view our bookkeeper almost as a consultant, someone able to view our operation with fresh eyes and make suggestions on how to create efficiencies and streamline procedures.”
-Susan Dibble, Executive Director, Page Ahead

Page Ahead has worked with their 501 Commons bookkeeper to form a strong partnership, which supports the overall financial health of their organization and allows them to give away more books to children in need.