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Tax & Form 990

We can provide tax form preparation services for your 990 nonprofit tax return, and other IRS-related forms.

Tax Preparation

501 Commons offers tax preparation services for your annual tax return, Form 990. Our approach is to make the process as simple and painless as possible, and save you the time of reading definitions and filling out forms. Our CPAs will work closely with you to ensure your Form 990 does a good job of telling your story to potential donors.

Other IRS-Related Forms

We can also assist your organization with other forms, such as applying for nonprofit status (Form 1023), changing your tax year (Form 1128), and changing your accounting method (Form 3115).

How it Works

To learn more about our services, please complete a Request for Assistance Form or contact Nadjah Shackelford, our Client Engagement Manager, at 206-682-6704 ext. 205. We will give you a call to discuss your needs and how we can help.
Please note that we cannot provide audit or emergency interim services, but we can refer you to recommended partners in our Resource Directory who provide these services. Contact Greg Scully at if you need referral assistance.


501 Commons services are affordable and high-quality. Our 990 preparation and tax services are expertly provided and competitively priced. As a nonprofit ourselves, we have a good understanding of what information helps the board understand your finances and 990 and to how to put your best foot forward to funders and donors.