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Contracted Financial Services

501 Commons can provide ongoing contracted financial services connecting with you through online accounting software and by phone and email.

Our financial services encompass everything from traditional bookkeeping to higher level services such as audit prep and preparing financial reports. Our staff members are dedicated and experienced, as we pride ourselves on delivering high quality results with a level of professionalism that you would expect from a larger company. We partner with you to create and maintain financial systems that are just right for your organization.

On-site Services

Generally, we are not going on-site to provide services due to the pandemic. When necessary, to pick up materials, social distancing is observed.

Financial Services can be scheduled as frequently as several days a week or as little as four hours every other week.

How it Works

Rates are very competitive for the high level of service and quality you receive. It’s like getting a bookkeeper, accountant, and consultant all at one low rate. Contact Client Engagement Specialist Jenny Lundqvist at (206) 682-6704 ext.108 for more information, or fill out our Request for Assistance form.


Retired Executive Director Sue Eastgard discusses the benefits of working with a contracted 501 Commons bookkeeper in this video.

If your assigned accountant is either on vacation or sick, we have someone available to fill without skipping a beat. Your financial services associate’s work is overseen by accountants with more than 10 years of experience.

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Virtual Financial Services

Virtual Financial Services are also provided by 501 Commons staff members with nonprofit expertise. When you use 501 Commons for virtual services, you get a defined and structured process without any need for you to reinvent the wheel because we’ve already done the work for you. Simply follow the processes we have outlined and the rest will take care of itself.
Clients of our Virtual Financial Services simply send us email with an approved bill or payment request and we take care of the rest. Each month you will receive financial statements that are uploaded to a secure site. You can assess your information whenever you need it.

How it Works

Rates for this type of arrangement are affordable. Good two-way communications and responsiveness are important in a virtual accounting process. We make it easy for you to communicate with us and ensure that you have access to your financial information.


Virtual Financial Services can relieve organizations with a small office of the need to have space available for a bookkeeper.  If you have no office or are headquartered in Washington but do work around the world, our Financial Partner services can save the day!