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Human Resources Services

Effective HR management is crucial for organizational success

Nonprofits rely on dedicated staff and volunteers to accomplish their mission each day. Yet, most nonprofits do not have a designated HR person. Of those that do, the HR person often does not have any formal training in human resources! So, you have questions about HR issues, you are not alone!

Increasing staff diversity, following laws and regulations that govern all businesses, and providing the training, supervision, and support that team members need to succeed are crucial elements of effective HR management. Our dynamic team of HR consultants can provide the expertise you need to achieve this.

501 Commons has HR service options to fit all organizations:

  1. HR Quick Consults - Get professional guidance for $25 per 15-minute increment up to two hours. We will attempt to respond to you within 72 hours. Contact:
  2. HR Partner - Your 501 Commons consultant provides year-round support for all of your HR needs. Because you are paying for a fraction of an HR professional, this is extremely cost effective for most organizations.
  3. Project-based nonprofit HR Consulting - customized training, HR policies and handbooks, compensation studies, succession plans, etc.
  4. Climate survey - our staff survey is specifically designed for the nonprofit sector. It will provide you with actionable information that will help you retain staff and increase their engagement.

Benefits of working with 501 Commons

With everything you need to know to manage your organization, isn't it great to be able to call in the experts when you need them? Our HR professionals can help you:

  • Avoid costly problems by putting human resource policies and procedures in place
  • Design jobs, set up pay levels, train staff, and manage performance more effectively
  • Align your volunteer and employee human resource strategies
  • Lower turnover, which disrupts services and increases costs
  • Design your HR systems to support your DEI/IDEA framework and goals.

Watch this video to see how our team has helped the Museum of Glass with their HR needs:

HR Consulting & Projects

If you do not have HR staff or the staff member with HR responsibilities needs expertise or hands-on help, contract with 501 Commons.

Our HR experts can do compensation studies, review your employee handbook, advise on performance management,  and help you stay legally compliant. 501 Commons can also help you build an inclusive culture and establish policies that support your DEI/IDEA objectives.

Some consulting services are available on a sliding fee scale based on budget.

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HR Partnership

Get the year-round support of an HR Partner. You get the consistency of an HR expert who knows you, but pay only for the level of services you need.

Contracting for HR services is a cost-effective way to get help with recruitment and hiring, staff evaluations, staff orientation and training, succession planning, benefit decisions, and more.  Read this Nonprofit Quarterly article about the benefits of outsourcing HR.

Complete the Request for Assistance Form and talk with our HR program manager to determine if an HR partnership is right for your organization.

HR Quick Consult

Need quick assistance? Get professional guidance on a policy, tool, or form; strategies for dealing with performance issues; a review of a job description, or some other need for only $25 per 15-minute increment. This option is ideal for dealing with short-term issues that don't require deeper long-term engagement.

Email your query to and our HR consultant will respond within 72 hours.

Nonprofit Staff Climate Survey

501 Commons' Climate Survey – or staff survey – was developed specifically for nonprofit organizations by Dr. Michael Horn. How committed and engaged is your staff? How does information flow in the organization? Staff turnover drives up costs and damages program effectiveness. So use our climate survey to compare your results with other nonprofits and identify areas for improvement to maintain a strong team.

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