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HR Consulting & Projects

501 Commons can do consultations, provide in-depth consulting on HR issues, or conduct a workplace climate survey. We can also help you increase the impact of volunteers in your organization.

  • A 501 Commons HR consultant can take on longer, more detailed projects. For example, do you need to review compensation, restructure a department, or update an employee handbook? We can match you with an HR advisor who provides services tailored to nonprofits.
  • All the legal requirements and risks faces by businesses apply to nonprofits too!  We can help you avoid violating labor laws and opening themselves up to fines and lawsuits.  For example, we can help you make sure that you are complying with overtime laws in how you designate exempt staff.
  • We can help you increase the diversity of your staff, train supervisors on unconscious bias,  and ensure that you are offering an inclusive culture.
  • We can help you take your volunteer management to the next level. Do you want to engage more volunteers or use more skilled volunteers? We are experts in skills-based volunteerism!

How It Works

Our HR Program Manager will meet with you to determine the needs of your organization and design an approach that will be the best fit. Whether the HR Partner program, a consulting engagement, or a quick consult suits your needs, our Program Manager can help you get the resources you need to effectively manage one of your most important resources.

In person services are available in the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas. Virtual services, aided by video and telephone conferencing, can be provided successfully to nonprofits in other areas within the U.S. For more information or to request services, complete our Request for Assistance form.


With everything you need to know to manage your organization, isn't it great to be able to call in the experts when you need them? Our HR professionals can help you:

  • Avoid costly problems by putting human resource policies and procedures in place
  • Design jobs, set up pay levels, train staff, and manage performance more effectively
  • Align your volunteer and employee human resource strategies
  • Lower turnover, which disrupts services and increases costs