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King County Nonprofit Employment Surveys

Thank you for participating in the surveys!

501 Commons and the King County Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy (VSHSL) thank everyone who participated in the 2023 Nonprofit Wage & Benefits and Employee Engagement Surveys! Both surveys have closed.

You can now read the 2023 Wage & Benefits Survey Report and Employee Engagement Survey Report! Our free 501 Compensation Tracker contains up-to-date wage and benefits data.

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About the Wage and Benefits Survey

HR managers, executive directors, finance directors, or anyone with access to staff compensation practices enter wage and benefits data into an online portal. This salary information is easily available at no cost to nonprofits and job seekers through the 501 Compensation Tracker.

The time required to input your wage and benefit information varies depending on how many positions you have. Generally, we've found that organizations with 1-20 employees can finish in an hour or less, larger organizations need a couple of hours, and very large organizations (45+ employees) may need to calendar a few hours to do this work.

It is important that organizations of all sizes and types participate in these surveys so that the wage and benefit information is robust and reliable. Organizations outside of King County may benefit from this information as well, but will need to consider differential pay levels in their county.

Employee Engagement Survey

How do we know what employees want and need? Ask them directly! This survey identifies the wage and non-wage factors linked to high employee engagement, retention, and producing strong client services.

The survey will be available in multiple languages. Please note that only part-time and full-time paid staff are eligible to take this survey. Volunteers, board members, interns, and contractors cannot participate.

The survey takes only 15-20 minutes to complete. All employee responses are anonymous.

An organization's executive can request an Employee Engagement survey report comparing their aggregated employee responses to the overall responses. To protect employee anonymity, we will not provide an organizational report if fewer than five employees participate from an organization.

How Do I Stay Informed?

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Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the King County Nonprofit Employment Surveys, read our Frequently Asked Questions section for additional information.


Read the 2023 Reports

You can read the 2023 King County Nonprofit Wage & Benefits and Employee Engagement Survey Reports.

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