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King County Nonprofit Employee Engagement Survey Toolkit

Need help encouraging your staff to complete the Employee Engagement Survey? Use the materials below to get your team excited to participate. Please customize each message to fit your organization's voice, style, and values.

Survey Link:

Download this flyer that you can send out via email or print out and distribute in the office.

Key Talking Points for Supervisors and Executives

When talking about the Employee Engagement Survey in emails, staff meetings, or casual conversations, please use these key talking points to ensure everyone is on the same page:

  • All employees play a role in building the future of our organization. Only by getting their honest and open feedback can we learn what’s working well and where improvements are needed. We are committed to learning about their experience and taking actions to create the kind of work environment that will empower us to fulfill our mission and make our organization a better place to work.
  • The Employee Engagement Survey measures how individual employees feel about their work experience and what contributes to their job satisfaction and perceptions about work. This information can help us attract and retain talented people.
  • The survey is anonymous. King County or our leadership will not have access to individual answers. If more than five employees respond, we will receive a free customized report that provides actionable feedback specific to us. Individual responses without identifiers are submitted to 501 Commons.
  • Employees should respond to the survey based on their current perceptions. Although employees may experience varying levels of engagement throughout the year, our goal is to understand everyone’s engagement level within the context of their current supervisor and workgroup.
  • Participation in the Employee Engagement Survey is voluntary. However, all employees are strongly encouraged to participate since engagement is a workgroup responsibility. All employees are responsible for helping drive engagement and building the future of our organization.

Kick-off Message from Executives to Managers

Send this message before sharing the survey link with all staff to give managers the information they need to answer questions. Be clear about the role you want them to play in supporting the survey.

Dear (salutation),

It's important to me that we participate in the King County Employee Engagement Survey. Our participation matters because it allows our employees to share their thoughts about factors that contribute to their job satisfaction, work performance, and overall perception of the workplace.

The survey is financed by the King County Veterans, Seniors, and Human Services Levy. It will be administered by 501 Commons, a nonprofit like us. We will send staff information about the survey, instructions about completing it, and the link to the survey by email on [DATE]. Please review the following Q&A so you are prepared to respond to questions that come your way.

We would like all employees to participate, so please encourage your team to take the survey. The survey is open until June 15. It will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Individual responses will not be reported to our organization. If enough people participate, our responses will be aggregated and reported to leadership. No identifying information about the respondents will be provided. Visit for more information.

(Insert message appropriate to your organization about how this survey can benefit employees and the organization)

Thank you for your support,


Employee Launch Message

Send the day you choose to distribute the survey link.

Dear (salutation),

The King County Employee Engagement Survey is now open!

We are participating in this survey to learn about factors that contribute to your job satisfaction, engagement, and work perceptions. We are committed to learning about your perceptions and taking actions to create the kind of work environment that will empower us to fulfill our mission and make our organization a better place to work. Also, this can help us understand how to attract and retain employees.

(Insert organizational message if desired)

Take the survey:

Please take a few moments to complete the anonymous survey and help build our future. Make sure you answer the question about the name of your organization – this ensures we can get a summary report of our responses. Don't worry because your answers are completely anonymous and leadership will not have access to individual answers. This is your opportunity to let your voice be heard!

For more information about the Employee Engagement Survey, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Jenny Lundqvist at

Thanks in advance for your participation.


Employee Reminder Message

Send before June 15 to encourage survey completion.

Dear (salutation),

Many thanks to those who have already participated! If you haven’t yet done so, please take 15 minutes to complete the anonymous survey. Your feedback will help us become a better place to work. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Take the survey: