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Nonprofit Staff Development Coalition Project

Helping nonprofit staff reach professional and personal excellence

The Nonprofit Staff Development Coalition (NPSDC) Project's mission is to help nonprofit staff and leaders reach professional and personal excellence through thought-provoking training workshops led by national and regional trainers/experts.

501 Commons is proud to integrate NPSDC as one of its programs and provide a new home to this important project.

These workshops offered by NPSDC seek to improve how staff and executive directors work with each other and the communities they serve. Each session is generally 3-6 hours long and provide affordable staff and leadership development on topics relevant to most organizations such as staff retention, diversity and inclusion, cultivating empathy and emotional intelligence, building leadership skills, improving communication, and handling difficult conversations. These topics are suggested and approved by the committee members and are especially important for nonprofits that serve diverse and vulnerable populations.

NPSDC achieves its mission by striving toward these three goals:

  • Goal #1: Provide high quality and critically relevant staff training for nonprofit staff
  • Goal #2: Ensure transfer and application of learning back at the employee's job
  • Goal #3: Promoting, strengthening, and reinforcing a vibrant “culture of learning”

Session cost is $100 for NPSDC members that bring 1-5 attendees, $90 that bring 6 or more attendees, and $149 for non-members. Given the discount you’ll receive, learn more about becoming a member by contacting

Learn more about the history, mission, and vision of the Nonprofit Staff Development Coalition Project.

Upcoming staff development training opportunities:

Trauma Exposure & Compassion Fatigue: Building Resiliency and Self-Care
Monday, November 13, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
2100 Building (Community Room B), Seattle
Trainer: Lauren Glickman (founder of FORAY Consulting & Associates)

The workshop content is based on the belief that everyone has the potential to positively influence their own experience no matter what the context. In addition to providing a thorough understanding of resilience and trauma exposure response, this workshop explores perspectives and strategies that empower participants to actively improve their day-to-day experience. Participants will be introduced to a variety of concepts and models and then through a process of self-reflection and discussion, will build their self-awareness, think about their own thinking, and ultimately will challenge some underlying assumptions about what is and is not possible for them while working in an high-urgency and often emotionally intense environment.

For more information and to register:

Registration for NPSDC workshops is hosted on Eventbrite. If you're stuck, here are the step-by-step instructions for registration.

Want to Support These Trainings?

The NPSDC Project is currently in the process of applying for funding of its 3 initiatives: Staff training; transfer and application of learning; and building and strengthening the learning culture within coalition member organizations.

Funding organization interested in being part of this dynamic collaborative "grassroots" project with a much needed critical focus on staff and skill development should contact Nancy Long at You would be contributing toward:

  • The overall project budget/operational costs
  • Sponsoring one or a series of staff development workshops
  • Supporting one or more of its 3 initiatives