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2021 King County Nonprofit Wage & Benefits Survey Report

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The Putting People First: 2021 King County Nonprofit Wage & Benefits Survey report uses the compensation and benefits practices in effect on March 1 – June 30, 2021, as reported by 233 nonprofit organizations in King County, Washington. You can access the 501 Compensation Tracker to directly compare compensation data from multiple job titles.

report on nonprofit wages & benefitsOne organization often has a different title than another organization for the same job. We recommend using the job description to match jobs rather than the job title alone. When making your compensation or benefits decisions, in addition to the survey data, consider:

  • Your compensation philosophy
  • How that philosophy relates to your organization’s mission
  • The internal value of your positions to that mission.

Download the Wage & Benefits Survey Report

Here are some highlights from the report:
  • The 233 participating King County nonprofit organizations employ more than 20,000 individuals. Once jobs were excluded to provide confidentiality protections, 10,000 individual salaries were categorized into 171 job titles that are displayed in this report.
  • 77% of participating nonprofits define a full-time work week as 40 hours per week; 9% use 35 hours, and 4% use 37.5 hours. The remaining 7% are predominantly small nonprofits with a less structured policy.
  • 69% of employees at participating organizations work full-time.
  • During the previous twelve months, annual voluntary turnover rates were 17% for full-time employees and 14% for part-time employees.
  • 63% provide full-time employees with specific, separate numbers of paid days off for vacation, holiday, and sick leave. Surveyed nonprofits offer an average of 10.4 paid holidays and 10.9 paid sick days per year.
  • 33% have a PTO (Paid-Time-Off) program giving employees a set number of days off they can take for any purpose.
  • 85% of surveyed nonprofits offer some type of medical insurance to full-time employees. Of those that offer health insurance, 69% offer coverage to part-time employees that maintain a minimum number of hours per week (on average, 23 hours per week).
  • 70% of surveyed organizations provide some type of retirement benefits, generally access to a 401(k) or a 403(b), to their full-time employees. Both the employer and the employee contribute to retirement 74% of the time. In 15% of participating nonprofits, only the employee contributes, and in 7%, only the employer contributes.
  • Many participating nonprofits use more than one method to grant salary increases: Cost of living - 46%, merit/performance - 45%, across-the-board increases - 39%, internal job equity factors - 30%, external labor market factors - 27%, and length of service - 14%. 86% of participating organizations expect to have salary increase budgets in their current fiscal year, with a median increase budget of 3%.
Soon, you will also be able to review the 2021 King County Nonprofit Employee Engagement Survey Report, which provides information on how nonprofit employees view their wages and benefits, their workplace culture, relationship with their supervisor and much more. Subscribe to email updates to receive notifications once this report is made public.