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Join the Staff Development Coalition!

Helping nonprofit staff reach professional and personal excellence

Join the Staff Development Coalition and receive discounts on professional and leadership development training. These workshops help nonprofit staff and leaders reach professional and personal excellence through thought-provoking training workshops led by national and regional trainers/experts. You can improve how staff members work with each other and with the communities they serve.

Typically sessions are 3-6 hours long but they have been reduced for virtual sessions during COVID.  These learning sessions provide affordable staff and leadership development on topics such as staff retention, diversity and inclusion, cultivating empathy and emotional intelligence, building leadership skills, improving communication, and handling difficult conversations. These topics are suggested and approved by the committee members and are especially important for nonprofits that serve diverse and vulnerable populations.

Topics and trainers are selected with the input of coalition members. The coalition is working to:

  • Provide high quality and critically relevant staff training for nonprofit staff
  • Ensure transfer and application of learning back at the employee's job
  • Promote, strengthen and reinforce a vibrant “culture of learning”

Sessions cost are reduced for SDC members that bring 1-5 attendees. Learn more about becoming a member by contacting Kendra B. Demuth,, HR & Learning Programs Associate.

Upcoming Staff Development Sessions

Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, in-person workshops have been postponed until the Fall of 2021. In the meantime, the Staff Development Coalition committee and 501 Commons are working to provide webinar topics relevant for these uncertain times. Starting in April of 2021, we will be implementing one-in-half hour online lunch box training series throughout the remainder of 2021. The upcoming online trainings will be listed, below, as they become available. Should you have specific questions about the online trainings please contact Kendra B. Demuth,, HR & Learning Programs Associate.

Feel free to check out the following resource: Prepare. Respond. SERVE. In partnership with Tech Impact, 501 Commons has launched a website dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations adapt their work practices during the COVID-19 situation. A list of resources and timely updates on how technology can be your friend in dealing with emergencies are provided. Guidance on how to prevent work disruptions, and stay connected to files, data, and colleagues while some or all staff members are working remotely is also shared. We also provide advice on management practices and HR policies that support remote work.

Building Resilience and Staying Grounded in a COVID World We Can't Control
Tuesday, Apr. 27, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
For more information and to register, visit

Session Description: No matter who you are, you've experienced the impact of the pandemic first-hand in some capacity. Most of us are seeing an intensification of needs and emotions, all while our most reliable work processes and organizational norms change in unpredictable and often unfortunate ways.

This workshop, sponsored by the Staff Development Coalition, will address the challenge of being empathetic humans in a pandemic. We are all in this together and we are all struggling and/or watching people we care about go through struggles. We will practice exercises that can influence your long-term well-being regardless of whether you are sitting at home or are working in-person and trying to keep your boots-on-the-ground team safe.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will:

  • Build awareness about their mindset so they can understand and influence how it impacts their day to day experience of their work
  • Understand the concepts of stress, eustress, and distress so that stress is normalized in the workplace
  • Learn the difference between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system so they can actively self-soothe during high-intensity interactions
  • Normalize the experience of struggling during a global pandemic to reduce isolation and improve the experience of being on a team doing difficult things at a difficult time
  • Explore a set of ideas to use alone and with others that and reduce isolation and increase work satisfaction when practiced with regularity
  • Practice a few of those ideas during the session
  • Have an increased sense of self-determination and connection to a community of people who are also working in the same direction
  • Have immediate and future opportunities to reduce isolation to improve work performance and retention
  • Be invited to form small 2 and 3 person groups to support the development of intentional work habits together

About the Trainer: Lauren Glickman founded FORAY Consulting & Associates in 2007 so she could work with mission-driven people – specifically groups whose missions repeatedly put them face to face with the trauma and hardship of others. Lauren’s goal is to share powerful tools and transformative insights that make a long-lasting and positive difference in your lives.

After serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Lauren spent 5 years as the Volunteer Program Manager at the PAWS Wildlife Center. While at PAWS she earned a M.A. in Applied Behavioral Sciences with a focus on human systems theory, change management, conflict dynamics, and organization design. Lauren has experienced the non-profit world from many roles; she has been a volunteer, project manager, program manager, receptionist, executive director, board member, and committee chair.

Registration for these workshops is hosted on Eventbrite. If you need help, here are the step-by-step instructions for registration.