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Action Learning: Springboard, Catalyst, HR Toolkit, Volunteer Manager Corps and Plan IT

Build your capacity to newer heights.

Stacked stones

Improve volunteer impact, increase fundraising, & take your HR or technology to the next level.

We deliver programs that address specific areas of nonprofit capacity. Our programs leverage the time and talents of service corps members and other skilled volunteers so that the program's value is many times greater than the cost.

Springboard, Catalyst, HR Toolkit, Plan IT, and Volunteer Impact Partnership

Our action learning programs, described below, improve organizational performance. Participating organizations set priorities and make important improvements with the help of 501 Commons consultants, while learning and sharing with peers.

Springboard for Arts and Culture Organizations

Now in its tenth year, participants develop the ability to quickly identify and address organizational problems, spot opportunities and create an actionable capacity building plan that measure organizational success.

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Catalyst for Fundraising Success

Now in its eighth year, participants identify barriers to fundraising success, plan for effective internal fund development systems, strengthen staff and board fundraising efforts, and create a compelling case statement for increased fundraising success.

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HR Toolkit

HR Toolkit is a cohort program designed to provide staff with consulting, tools, training, and an implementation plan in five key HR practices that will strengthen your organization. Three cohort meetings provide you with the opportunity to learn from each other and HR professionals.

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VIP Manager Corps

VIP Manager Corps (delivered in partnership with United Way of King County) supports human service organizations in King County by developing the processes and procedures needed to effectively engage volunteers. Learn about serving as a VIP Manager Corps member.

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Plan IT Technology Planning

More than 100 organizations have participated in this technology planning cohort focused on enabling organizations to assess their current use of technology, identify their key technology related issues, and develop an action plan to address those issues.

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