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HR Toolkit

In the HR Toolkit a group of 10-12 organizations participate as a cohort. Three cohort meetings provide you with the opportunity to learn from each other and HR professionals.

HR Toolkit is a cohort program designed to provide staff with consulting, tools, training, and an implementation plan in five key HR practices that will strengthen your organization:

  1. Developing an effective selection and recruitment process; including writing job descriptions, screening candidates and creating interview guidelines.
  2. Establishing a new employee onboarding process and tools for job success.
  3. Creating a thoughtful performance management system that fosters the organization’s values and culture.
  4. Defining employee relations processes and tools; including grievance, discipline, employee recognition, and rewards.
  5. Establishing a process and tools for employee separation.

"I sleep a little more soundly at night, knowing that my organization is in line with state and federal regulations. The experience with 501 Commons was priceless!" - Becky Turner, Executive Director, The Successful Transition and Reentry (STAR) Project

How It Works

As a participant, you will be matched with an experienced HR professional from the local community who will serve as a consultant.

The consultant will work with two people from your organization who are responsible for HR functions. In collaboration with your team, the consultant will plan and facilitate meetings, offer resources and guidance, and work with you to develop materials to support your HR practices.

Your Key Issues Report and products developed by your consultant will be reviewed by 501 Commons staff. Each team will complete:

  • An assessment of the organization’s current HR functions.
  • A Key Issues Report that describes the HR-related challenges and identifies the key HR practice issue on which you would like to focus.
  • Processes, documents, and tools that strengthen the HR process you identified.

In cohort meetings, you will have the opportunity to learn more about core HR practices, share your experience, develop peer relationships, and gain additional support.

HR Tools for Organizational Success

Previous cohort participants have received HR tools such as:

  • Telephone pre-screen form
  • Pre-hire checklist
  • Background check process and tools
  • New Employee onboarding program
  • Employee onboarding checklist
  • Orientation PowerPoint
  • Annual Performance Appraisal form
  • Writing effective SMART performance goals
  • Job descriptions for a volunteer coordinator, project manager and outreach coordinator

Ready to Add to Your HR Toolkit?

If you are interested in HR Toolkit and would like to be contacted for our next cohort, please contact Danielle Lyda at