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Encore Climate Fellows

The challenge of tackling climate change becomes easier when individuals with specialized knowledge and a passion for the environment come together in a mission-focused setting. An Encore Climate Fellow can help organizations working to combat climate change by providing a wide range of skills and working in the following kinds of roles:

  • Program or project management
  • Developing new ways to use information technology to advance the mission
  • Conducting outreach  and providing education to businesses or to the public
  • Addressing technical challenges and operational barriers
  • Providing technical expertise
  • Doing research and policy development
  • Developing new programs
Encore Fellows who choose to participate in the Encore Climate Fellows track will regularly meet with peers locally and nationally. They will also have access to experts so they can gain a deeper understanding of how to solve problems associated with climate change, as well as learn the latest approaches being undertaken by NGO and government agencies in creating sustainable solutions.

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If you are interested in learning more about the Encore Climate Fellows please contact Paul Johnson at