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Encore Fellows

If your organization is looking to gain traction on a major project, propel an important organizational change or add specific technical skills to your staff, you may benefit greatly from the talents, expertise, and experience of an Encore Fellow. Encore Fellowships is a program delivered by 501 Commons in partnership with The program matches professionals seeking to transition from the government and business sectors into careers in the nonprofit sector with a nonprofit organization in need of a temporary boost in expertise and capacity.

Encore Fellows come with expertise in information technology, operations management, human resources, finance, marketing and communications, planning and project management, and other areas.

How It Works

You can request a fellow and we will contact you to learn more about your project and the skills you need. We will identify candidates for you to interview to determine if they are right for your organization and the project/role you have in mind. The fellowship period typically lasts twelve months with the Encore Fellow working as a half-time salaried member of your staff.

501 Commons recruits individuals with a wide variety of skills, including:
  • Marketing and communications
  • Information technology
  • Human resources
  • Financial management
  • Business development
  • Strategic planning
  • Operations
  • Performance management
  • Project management
  • Program development
In addition to the wide ranging roles and projects fulfilled by traditional Encore Fellows, there are two specialized types of fellows:

Encore Climate Fellows: Climate Fellows work in a variety of roles to address the challenges of climate change. Many of these fellows have deep technical expertise and experience applicable to research, advocacy, partnerships, and public education.

Encore Fellowship in Fundraising: Fellows write grants, manage fundraising events, develop marketing and fundraising collateral, research potential donors, thank current donors, and solicit new donors. They can also work to strengthen your organization's infrastructure for fundraising through projects such as selecting and implementing a donor database, recruiting influential board members, and improving the organization's financial and program reporting.


Encore Fellowships bridges the resource gap many nonprofits face by providing them the talent and skills necessary to tackle society’s greatest challenges. Sponsoring organizations, or "work hosts," benefit from the fellows' professional skills and expertise, which are carefully matched to support a specific project assignment. Like paid internships or national service programs, Encore Fellowships offers you an additional staff member but Encore Fellows arrive with experience in a professional role, existing community and professional contacts, and deep knowledge of their field. The program is remarkably affordable when you consider the value of their well-developed skills. Fellows receive a $20,000 yearly salary plus benefits in accordance to your policies.

501 Commons will recruit, screen and train the Encore Fellow and act as a “staffing agency” to match your organization with an individual who has the skills you are looking for. Once a successful match is made, we receive a fee of $5,000 to cover our recruitment, matching, planning and oversight responsibilities.
Read this story by NPR and hear from an organization how participating in this program has benefited from the skills of their multiple Encore Fellows.

How to Host an Encore Fellow

Request a fellow today if you would like an experienced and talented Encore Fellow to help advance your organization’s mission. You don’t have to be 100 percent certain about your needs or the role the fellow would assume. We can help you craft a role that will be both beneficial for your organization and a rich opportunity for the fellow.

The Encore Fellowship program is available to any type of organization. A fellow can be requested for any role of approximately 1,000 hours you need.


Interested in learning more? Contact Kerry Kozuki at to discuss how this program could help you increase your impact and build your organization's capabilities.

Encore Climate Fellows

If your organization is committed to addressing climate change, consider how your work can by an Encore Climate Fellow. Fellows serve in a variety of roles. Many have deep technical expertise and experience applicable to research, advocacy, partnerships, or public education.

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Encore Fellowship in Fundraising

An Encore Fellow in Fundraising can develop your organization's fundraising capacity, expand donor networks, and execute capital campaigns and other initiatives. Fellows have experience from business and government careers to apply to your fundraising efforts.

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