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Encore Fellowship in Fundraising

Add fundraising personnel to your team

A large number of senior development professionals will leave the field or retire in the near future. To fill these gaps, the Encore Fellowship in Fundraising program aims to recruit individuals with business development, communications, and sales/marketing experience from the private sector to become fundraisers.

Gaining and stewarding customers is remarkably similar to identifying and building relationships with a donor whom you are inviting to invest in your organization. Both involve cultivating relationships with individuals, selling them on the effectiveness of an idea, and convincing them their financial investment will pay dividends later.

Nonprofits have a wide array of fundraising projects their Encore Fellow can manage, including:

  • Planning and implementing a capital campaign
  • Developing a fund development plan
  • Cultivating major gifts
  • Organizing a fundraising event
  • Unifying marketing/communications efforts with fundraising goals
  • Improving the organization’s database, website, and collateral to reflect a newfound emphasis on donor stewardship
  • Cultivating and securing corporate giving
  • Developing compelling grants

Encore Fellows who participate in this program receive training and professional development in effective fundraising. This will increase the fellow’s ability to help your organization increase contributed income and provide a new career path for the fellow in fund development.

Is your organization just taking its first steps to developing a fundraising culture and systems to support giving? Contact us to learn how combining our Catalyst cohort program and Encore Fellowships can advance your organization's fundraising.


If you are interested in learning more about the Encore Fellowship in Fundraising, please contact Kerry Kozuki at