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Life Support - Improving Emergency Services

Life Support in Upper Kittitas County was born out of a tragic accident which caused founder Cheri Marusa to commit herself to improving emergency response care for residents of the county, the 2 million people who visit annually, and the 12 million people who pass through on I-90.  Since its inception in August 1999, Life Support has raised over $5 million to improve the emergency medical services and health care in Upper Kittitas County and surrounding communities.

Life Support began with five community members. As the organization grew, they worked with Executive Service Corps (a program of 501 Commons) to redefine the role of the board and develop an elite and well-connected board that would provide leadership for fundraising efforts. The former community board became the auxiliary, which provides hands on support for Life Support’s very successful auction, golf tournament and other events.

All of us who travel I-90, visit the area, or participate in the rich recreational opportunities in the area are safer now because of the emergency vehicles, training, and specialized equipment that exist as a result of Life Support’s work.