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Change Management & Organizational Development

There are times when your organization just needs a tune-up... and times when it needs an overhaul. If you need to lead your organization through significant changes, an organizational development consultant is the perfect guide.

Organizational development (OD) is an interdisciplinary practice drawing on behavioral science, change management, and organizational theory. The goals of OD consulting are:

  • Make change happen and make it stick
  • Rev up the organization's effectiveness
  • Help people work together well
  • Identify new ways for people in the organization to put knowledge and expertise into action

How It Works

Our OD consultants can help you to:

  • Do an organizational assessment
  • Make program improvements that impact quality, efficiency, or service
  • Make a change in the organization's culture
  • Investigate or implement strategic partnerships, mergers, and alliances

OD projects require a champion within the organization who has the authority to make decisions and discretion over the budget - usually the executive. A team or committee of two to eight people - across departments and/or with ownership over the functions being looked at - can help you see the whole picture and make sure you have support for necessary changes.


You know that your organization has its own mission, history, and organizational culture. Cookie-cutter approaches that don't take the organization's unique character into consideration don't work very well.

501 Commons' customized approach means that our OD consultants can help you take a deep look at your organization, and can help you factor in people issues and financial success as you work to improve your future.