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The Right Place to Start

Pathways is a free and effective way to jump start your organization’s ability to build its capacity. We know how easy it is for nonprofits to find themselves stuck. It’s hard to know what to tackle first!

That’s why we developed Pathways, a short organizational self-assessment and consultation with experienced nonprofit consultants that can help you decide where to start.

How It Works

Pathways is a short-term, five-step consultative process that is framed within the Five Elements of a Healthy Nonprofit Self-Assessment. You get to decide who within your organization will participate and your Pathways consultants lead the way!

  1. Two Pathways consultants will meet with your executive director to learn about your organization and set the stage for the program.
  2. Your designated participants will complete a self-assessment of your operations.
  3. The consultants facilitate a discussion amongst participants to a gain greater understanding and awareness of your operational factors.
  4. The consultants meet again with the executive director to determine priorities for consultation.
  5. Finally, the consultants develop recommendations to help the organization address their challenges and present them to the executive director.

Pathways is like a personal trainer for your organization. You will receive guidance on what you’re doing well, what you need to improve on, and what practical steps can be taken to advance your ability to serve your mission.


Pathways creates the opportunity for nonprofit staff to take a step back and reflect upon their personal perspectives and those of their colleagues. It frames challenges within the context of solutions and identifies easy steps that can be taken to build upon your strengths.

It can be challenging to maintain an objective view of your organization. When an experienced nonprofit professional brings their fresh perspective and expertise, new solutions and opportunities can unfold. For example, you could:

  • Create a new fundraising strategy
  • Identify a new way to tackle an old problem
  • Remove a long-ignored stumbling block
  • Identify an external resource or partner to help you reach your goals
  • Get administrative systems in shape with the help of templates and examples

Thanks to support from the Satterberg Foundation, Pathways is FREE for the first 25 organizations. This is an in-kind service valued at more than $4,000!

Pathways gives you an overview of your organization's strengths and weaknesses. It points out the simple steps you can take to build on your unique strengths and suggests ways to remove barriers. The results: greater stability and success in delivering on your mission.

Ready to get started? Contact Jan Burrell at to schedule your Pathways consultation.