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Volunteer Management Services

Work better with the people who power your mission

Few investments return as much economic and programmatic value to an organization as do investments in volunteerism. Volunteers not only provide additional hands on support but they also offer skills that would be expensive to purchase, build community support for your organization and your cause, and are likely to become loyal and significant donors.

We have worked with hundreds of organizations to help them enhance the impact of their volunteer programs. We have a well-proven model that helps organizations assess their internal volunteer management practices, identify opportunities for improvement and create actionable plans to help them make the fundamental shifts necessary to better recruit, engage and retain high-value volunteers. We can also customize services to meet the unique needs of your volunteer program.

We keep the services affordable by engaging pro bono consultants who are supervised by a highly skilled volunteer manager. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Volunteer management assessments
  • Facilitation of volunteer program visioning and/or planning
  • New or improved volunteer position descriptions, applications, handbooks, orientations, feedback surveys, etc.
  • Strategic volunteer recruitment or retention plans
  • Volunteer database needs assessment and database selection
  • Volunteers for Salesforce development and database maintenance  (Volunteers for Salesforce integrates volunteer management into Salesforce)
  • Customized volunteer management training
  • Facilitation of corporate engagement volunteer programs  (including skills-based volunteers)
  • A little bit of everything through Volunteer Navigator

Thanks to Serve Washington, your organization may be eligible to receive free consulting in support of your volunteer program. Contact Jan Burrell, Consulting Services Manager, to discuss available options, or visit our Volunteer Management Resources page for an overview of the effective lifecycle of volunteer engagement!