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Brown Bag Trainings

Posted Mar 11, 2013 10:40 AM

HandsOn Tech is a national AmeriCorps program funded in partnership with Google, Points of Light Foundation, and the Corporation of National Community Service. Listed below are descriptions and presentations of past trainings hosted by the HandsOn Tech team for nonprofit audiences.

Effective Data Management for Nonprofits

There are a bewildering variety of database solutions for nonprofits these days. And once you commit, it’s yours for a long while. So how do you decide which platform is the most appropriate for your organization?
This presentation compares database options available to nonprofits to manage their volunteer resources by storing, managing, and viewing data. While the emphasis of this discussion will be volunteer management databases, the structure, thinking, and methodology apply all databases you might be considering.

Collaboration Solutions for Nonprofits

Want to increase collaboration efforts within your nonprofit, but unsure which tool is best for your organization? Join 501 Commons for this presentation to help guide you on how to make smart decisions on which tool can best support your collaborative needs.

This training defines what collaboration is, how to get it, and why it is important. Participants will gain an understanding on licensing and operating models such as Open Source, Proprietary, and SAAS. Popular collaboration tools: Sharepoint, Google, ASANA, DRUPAL, etc will be further discussed. Participants will leave knowing what critical questions to ask themselves before choosing one of the many collaboration products available today.

Website Strategy Planning for Nonprofits

Interested in maximizing the efficiency of your organization's website but not sure where to begin? This presentation will help you develop an online strategy for your nonprofit's existing website. The content covers tools and best practices to approach digital strategy planning including: concepts and terminology used by web-designers that will help navigate your way through small and large website updates.

Online Donation Tools for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits are heavily dependent on donations from the public to sustain their programs. In the digital era that we now find ourselves in, it is becoming increasingly important to communicate to clients, employees, and donors using the internet. This means using online tools to facilitate interactions that were once in person, through your website. Unfortunately, finding the right tool can be a complicated process. So where do you begin?

This presentation focuses on online donation service options. This presentation will help you understand what options are out there and how to determine which service is best for your size, income, and number of clients.

Choosing a Cloud Storage Provider

Tired of worrying about whether you e-mailed yourself the newest edits of your proposal? What happens if you forget your flash drive at home? Fear not, for the power of the cloud can help! Store your data online and have access to it anywhere, from any device. This presentation focuses on what cloud storage options are available and how each can help your nonprofit. You will learn about the perks and unique benefits of popular solutions such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and SkyDrive. All members within the nonprofit sector are encouraged to learn about different cloud storage tools.

Social Media 101

Want to give your organization a social media presence but not sure where to begin? Or have you already started but not sure how to fully utilize its function? This presentation provides an overview of common social media tools and how they can tell your organization’s story to strengthen the engagement of your supporters to the community.

This presentation will discuss the importance of social media and how popular tools: Blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube can drive online communication to offline action. You will learn the functionality of each social network in order to identify which tool can best support their online communication goals. With these knowledges set, members will then be informed how they can share information effectively and confidently.

Google for Nonprofits

This presentation provides an overview of the Google products available to nonprofits. These free and low cost tools can strengthen the collaboration among colleagues and the efficiency of accessing information to your supporters.

A case study is mentioned that describes how these programs have been implemented in the past. This is followed by an overview of the Google suites and the applications available exclusively through the Google for Nonprofits program. All members within the nonprofit sector are encouraged to participate and learn how Google apps can help advance their organization.